My Day Was a Drag.

It’s 12:30 and I just got home. We’ve spent the last hour and a half dancing at Portland, Maine’s one and only dance bar called Twix. It’s was 75% lesbians, 26% 12 year olds, and 19% old men. I fell into the old men category. I have to admit that I danced a little, drank a lot, and had a good time.

Overall it’s been a long day. Tonight was the first performance of the drag show that I was here to work on. The day was chaotic to say the least. We negotiated getting into the space at 9:00. So we arrived at the dive punk bar band at 9:00 to start setting up. The girls did all the heavy lifting, I did the light work. Don’t judge me, they are lesbians, they can lift far more than I can. So I started by trying to figure out how to turn the stage lights on. It took me 45 minutes. You would never know I have a degree in this sort of thing. Next task, turn on the sound board. I finally got it going at 11:30. Which was about five minutes before someone from the space called to tell us not to turn on the stage lights or sound before they got there. FUCK!!! And so I turned it all off.

Next task: hook up the lights that we rented. I spent about an hour getting them on the booms, cabled and plugged in. By this time it’s 12:30 and rehearsal is supposed to start in 30 minutes. I say suppose to, because half the girls aren’t there, we still don’t have sound, and Michell forgot to bring the show CD to play for rehearsal. While we are eating pizza and waiting for the people to get there, the lights I’ve hung and cabled go out. I run up to the switch, which is hot as hell, and smells like it’s about to burst into flames. Whoops. Once again you’d never know that I have a degree in this stuff. I had fried the switch. This happened just as the owner of the bar walked in. Luckily, we were able to undo some things, move some things around and he never knew it was our fault. He thought the switch had just shorted out and fried itself. We didn’t tell him differently. He called his electrian, who showed up a couple of hours later to fix the problem.

And so rehearsal started. I was running sound off an Ipod that’s seen better days, and we were doing no lights. Needless to say it was less than idea. What this meant was I had rehearsed none of the show on the sound board, fading mics, getting the CD started etc. But we managed to get through it and it was okay. I got stuck hanging out at the theatre, because someone had to stay there while most everyone went home for dinner. Someone actually showed up at 5:45 to turn the sound system and lighting system on. This did not leave a lot of time to figure things out. We just finished having a conversation about how fucked up the people who run the space are. But that’s neither here nor there.

And at 8:15 the show started. And it was great as always. There were drag kings. There were drag queens. There were women wearing strap-ons. There were strippers. There were girls who were topless with electrical tape on their nipples. There was girl on girl kissing. And more than anything there was fun to be had by all. The crowd was roaring in support before the show started and they went crazy during the show. And by the end of the final number they were on their feet dancing and screaming. Even with all the technical difficulties the show was a huge success. And really during the show only two small fuck-ups occurred. I caused feedback on the mic because I had the volume turned up too high. And one of the strippers pulled a little too hard on a screen she was dancing behind and it came crashing to the floor. Everyone applauded and thought it was part of the show. They are a very forgiving audience.

The whole weekend has been fun so far. I got here on Thursday night and on Friday went to my first rehearsal. I spent three hours cleaning up each of the acts and making them a little more polished. The only number in the show that wasn’t working was the finale. I didn’t know why, but I knew it needed help. After rehearsal we went back to my friend Michelle’s house to have a little party. About 90 minutes into the party I was called into the living room to discuss the finale. We started brainstorming and I got a chair and started dancing. 45 minutes later, I had choreographed the whole last number. I spent the next 45 minutes teaching it to everyone and there you have it. I had choreographed my first dance number. And tonight during the show it was a huge success. Everyone was loving it.

And now my friends, it’s 1:07 and I’m drunk and tired. So I’m going to bed. Have a great Sunday and I’ll blog more when I can.

PS…I’m being kicked off the computer so this isn’t proofed at all. Please forgive, typos, outrageous grammatical mistakes, general fuck-ups.


4 thoughts on “My Day Was a Drag.

  1. Michael February 10, 2008 / 10:17

    Strap-ons and drag kings and nipples, OH MY! Sounds like a great time. How about some pictures???

  2. Lemuel February 10, 2008 / 17:49

    Kudos on the success of the show and YOUR part in it!! Lights, choreography! Sounds great! (And we won’t tell anyone about the electrical snafu.

  3. Doris February 11, 2008 / 22:24

    You are the best sound/lighting/bossy gay boy I have ever met! We wouldn’t have been to pull off that show without you. I love you and that is why you will always be my boyfriend, no matter who you or I am with. Thanks for the c&%k sucking lesson. 😉 oxox

  4. urspo February 11, 2008 / 23:03

    it sounds like an old fashioned Baccanale from the ancient Greek festivals, so keep in mind you are participating in ancient rituals here.

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