Maddog’s Cold Day In Maine

I flew to Maine today. When I left New York it was still somewhat warm with the slightest bit of drizzle falling. When I arrived in Portland the temperature was 75 below zero, and there was about 8 inches of snow on the ground and it was still coming down. The whole time we were landing I kept thinking…”why didn’t I fly some place warm to work and vacation.

Well here I am. It’s always nice being here, even if it is a working vacation. My friend Michelle and I spent the day running errands getting ready for the big show on Saturday. There was the trip to JoAnn Fabrics for miscellaneous craft stuff, there was the trip to the army/navy store for the uniform, a trip to Silly’s for lunch (they have the best fried pickles) and then off to run more errands. We finally arrived home around 3:30 and we were nowhere close to be finished. Michelle had somethings that needed to be done at home, so I planted myself on the sofa and napped off and on for about 45 minutes. And then it was time to go again. We had to go pick Oliver up from puppy play group, then run to the theatre, meet with the other drag kings, figure some things out and do all that by 8:00 before the puppy froze to death and we all fell down from exhaustion.

We still have about a million things to do, but we are getting there. Michelle is at the airport as we speak picking up other friends. There will be me and seven lesbians staying at their house this weekend. So if I disappear and no one ever hears from me again, you know what happened. All kidding aside, it should be fun. My weekend mostly involves telling lesbians what to do to make their show better, drinking beer and having a good time. What more could you ask for.

Because of the number of house guests I don’t know how easy it will be to do regular blog posts but I’ll do what I can. I’ll be back on Tuesday and at that point I’ll be ready to tell you about the insane dinner party I had last Monday.


4 thoughts on “Maddog’s Cold Day In Maine

  1. Lemuel February 8, 2008 / 06:18

    Now you’ve whetted our appetite for that tale of the dinner party! 🙂

    Despite the chaos in ME, it sounds like a great time. You’ll need to get back to the city to rest!

  2. Jason February 8, 2008 / 10:47

    I love Lesbians AND Beer!!

    I couldn’t tell you how many times my mom dragged me (literally) to Jo Ann Fabrics with her. Memories…

    Have a great weekend 🙂

  3. Seamus Aloysius February 9, 2008 / 10:00

    Sounds crazy, Bro…
    Have a great time, and stay warm.
    I’m not suggesting that you cuddle up to a lesbian, there’s always the puppy – but at least go watch the L Word with them. 😉

    Have a great time.

  4. urspo February 9, 2008 / 16:36

    have fun in Maine, Land of Lobsters.

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