“Subways Are For Sleeping”

It never surprises me when I see interesting things on the subway. It’s an amazing mix of people and cultures. It’s great to sit on your bench and listen to someone speak Spanish on one side of you and French on the other. Across from you someone is speaking Japanese and next to them someone is speaking some language you can’t even recognize.

The subway is also filled with an array of homeless people. If you ride long enough you start to recognize the ones who are homeless and in need and the ones who are conning you. When I used to ride the “F” train there was a woman who would ask people for money. She was homeless since a fire killed her family. It was a very moving story until you realized she would appear every couple of days and each time the story was a little different. It also didn’t help that they had been killed two weeks ago even four months later. I’m sure she was down on her luck, but who knows what the real story was.

I’ve also seen my fair share of insane people on the subway. These are the ones who talk to themselves They are the ones who sit and rock back and forth. I’ve seen men who get on and scream for three or four stops at everyone on the train. Usually words of anger strung together with curse words. I’ve seen men and women who stand in the middle of the train and preach the word of god. And the reason I think they are insane is because it’s always words of hate. Never the love and understanding.

And you never know when someone is going to expose themselves to you or grope you. The very first evening I lived in New York, I took the “F” train into Manhattan. I was about two stops into the trip when a very attractive man sat down across from me. With out even looking to see who was around he unzipped his pants and began to masturbate. I’d love to tell you I didn’t watch but he was too attractive not to. I’ve also seen a man walk to the end of the train, whip out his dick and piss on the door. And then there was the man who sat down next to me and proceeded to reach over and touch my cock through my pants. Once again he was too cute for me to mind. We ended up getting off at his stop and going back to his apartment.

And then last week there was the guy who got off the train wearing head to toe latex. All in black. This might have been sexy if he’d weighed more the 89 pounds and hadn’t been so tall. I don’t remember the last time I’ve seen someone so skinny. And then there’s the reason for this post. Tonight a guy got on the train wearing Victorian clothing. Including a top hat and an ascot. Even his eye glasses were period. Along with his walking stick. He was about 27 or 28 years old and would have been kind of cute if he hadn’t been so serious. He was playing the role to the hilt. And I couldn’t help but watch him. And couldn’t help but listen when he explained to some curious kids that he just enjoyed dressing up like this. Of course the whole image was blown when he reached into his period bag and pulled out his Ipod and proceeded to listen to music for the rest of the trip.

As I’ve said you never know what your going to see on the subway.


3 thoughts on ““Subways Are For Sleeping”

  1. Lemuel February 3, 2008 / 14:38

    You mean Prince Albert (the real guy 😉 ) didn’t have an iPod?!

    I think you have years of posts just telling us what you observe daily on the subway.

  2. sorted February 3, 2008 / 15:06

    The ending to your last story was too funny. I love the subways of NY — YOU never know what you are going to see, here, smell. Always a treat

  3. urspo February 3, 2008 / 22:56

    ah the fun life of NYC
    i thought they purposely put folks in the subway for the sake of the tourists.

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