My Day Off…

I finally got to bed at 5:30 this morning.  A wee bit later than I had intended.  More importantly I had wanted to get up somewhat early so that I could enjoy my day off.  I knew however, that if I didn’t get at least 7 or 8 hours of sleep I would not be happy, so I set my alarm for noon.  I was awakened at 10:30 by my friend Ryan calling to make plans for Friday.  I was a little annoyed.  I know, I know, I should have turned the ringer off, but I forgot.  It took me almost 30 minutes to get back to sleep and then I promptly slept right through my alarm and didn’t get out of bed until almost 3:00.  So much for enjoying my day off.

I did manage to get to the bank, take my laundry to get it done and to get my hair cut.  Those things had to get done today.  I did not however get to the post office to pick up the Christmas present my mother sent me.  Nor did I make it to the movies.  These things will have to wait until tomorrow.

The evening ended with me having dinner with my friend Caleb.  He’s a friend from grad school.  We haven’t always been on best terms.  In fact during my last year of grad school he annoyed me a lot.  Since we’ve both graduated the relationship has changed and we get along great.  We had dinner at an Italian restaurant in Chelsea.  I ate pasta which I’ve been trying to avoid, and I had wine which I’ve also been trying to avoid.  Whoops.  I just decided it was my day off and I deserved to treat myself to a dinner that was 50% off at my restaurant or delivered from the diner down the street.  And I really don’t feel guilty about it.  I’ll be good tomorrow.  If I manager to get to bed so that I can get out of bed at a reasonable time.

My roommate and I take down the Christmas tree tomorrow night.  It’s thoroughly dead.  And has turned a truly beautiful shade of brownish green.  It’s my least favorite part of the holidays.  If only someone would come do this for me.  Alas.


2 thoughts on “My Day Off…

  1. MIke January 8, 2008 / 07:18

    If only someone would come do this for me.

    I could send over TheHusband. He always does a good job and I’m sure would like a trip to NYC (if only to get away from me for a day 😉 )

  2. Lemuel January 8, 2008 / 08:24

    My wife is fighting the de-decorating. Our tree and inside decorations are still up. (We have an artificial tree because of her allergies.) I did bring in the outside decorations over the weekend.

    I think you should have no guilt about enjoying your day off. Everyone deserves to treat themselves once in a while.

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