A Cold Night at Work

I’m home a little later than I planned to be.  It’s 4:14 as I type this.  I should be in bed by now.  Of course, one of my New Year’s resolutions was to be better about blogging so here I am.  I actually got off work about 30 minutes earlier than usual.  This is entirely due to the luck of not getting any tables during the last 45 minutes or so before we closed.  This is a good thing if you want to get out early.  It’s a bad thing if you are trying to make money.  I didn’t mind so much tonight.  I was a little tired and it had been slow all night and I was ready to go.

There was a party after work tonight at a bar up the street from my restaurant.  My friend Lee who I’ve known since 1991 and also works with me at my restaurant was having a going away party..  Lee’s the reason I have the job in the first place.  The first time I was hired he pulled strings to get me in the door.  So since we are a corporate restaurant we have many, many locations.  And one of the perks of working there is that you can transfer to other locations.  So Lee and a couple of other employees decided that since we are entering the slow season why not go someplace else and work.  So three of them leave for Hawaii on Sunday to wait tables there for 3 months.  At the end of the three months they’ll come back to NYC with their jobs intact.  Not such a bad idea if you ask me.  So there was a going away party for  the three of them tonight.  I was only there about 90 minutes or so.  I would have stayed longer but I wasn’t drinking.  And drunk people are only fun, when you are one of them.  Besides as I pointed out to Lee, I don’t like most of the people I work with at work.  I really don’t like them outside of work.

And thus I’m home at 3:30 a.m. and not 2:00 a.m.

It was an okay evening at the restaurant.  As I mentioned we were a little slow.  We were on a wait, but the pace was dreadful.  The night dragged on and on.  I did wait on a really nice table of ladies from Tennessee and Louisiana.  They were quite funny, although the didn’t much care for the bartender making their drinks.

I also waited on a table of four gay guys.  This was much more interesting.  I didn’t realize they were gay when they sat down.  In fact, even after it became apparent, only one of them really seemed gay.  They were kind of reserved and had attitudes more like rednecks than anything.  (They were from North Carolina.)  At first they weren’t very friendly and didn’t have much to say.  And then I made a comment about something and they began asking questions about the city.  This led to a discussion about the subway.  They were very intrigued by it, and wanted to know where they could take it to, with out getting lost.  I suggested they get on the “A” train at 42nd Street going uptown to 125th Street and then come back.  It’s about a 15 minute ride and you get the whole experience.  So as I was finishing suggesting this, the cute one says to me, “What do you know about the night life here.”  To which I responded.  “What do you mean.”  To which he said, “Well like if we wanted to go to bar tonight what’s a good bar to go to.”  By this time I’ve figured out where the conversation is going, but I just go with it.   I said, “Well what kind of bar are you looking for?”  At this point there is dead silence.  And they all look at each other.  And there is more silence.  And finally the cute one whispers, “A gay bar.”  I almost laughed out loud at how cute they were being.  As it turned out only two of them were old enough to get into a bar.  However I suggested they go to The Ritz, which is just up the street.  They don’t card at the door and if they walked in all bundled up from the cold and headed straight to the back room as if they were there all the time, perhaps no one would say anything.  I think this made them nervous even thinking about it, but they said they’d give it a try.  I gave them the check and they tipped a little less than 20% and were on their way.  I hope they had fun.


4 thoughts on “A Cold Night at Work

  1. cisco January 4, 2008 / 08:19

    that is sooo sweet and cool

  2. Lemuel January 4, 2008 / 08:35

    I’m with you on life outside of work with co-workers. I spend over 40 hours of my week with them. I do not need to spend more. In addition most of them are homophobic.

  3. urspo January 4, 2008 / 22:35

    you missed your opportunity to take them all home for further service!!!

  4. Donnie January 5, 2008 / 18:00

    Awww…how cute. That’s one thing about NC gay boys….especially young ones…..they can be a bit standoffish at first. You were great to them Maddog, thanks for that. 🙂

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