Anchors Aweigh!

I had a great night at work.  I made the second most tonight that I have ever made working in a restaurant.  For some reason everyone was in a great mood and tipping very well.  I had one woman tip me almost 25 bucks on a 45 dollar tab.  I have no idea why, but I’m not complaining.  And it wasn’t just her, everyone was very generous tonight.

I have to admit though the best part of the shift was the French Sailors.

Yummmmmeee!  Whoof!

I’m not sure why they are here, but when I got to work there were about 20 or so sailors in the bar drinking.  They were cute, but nothing compared to the 10 boys who sat in my station around 11:00 tonight.  They were HOT.  HOT.  HOT.  And very friendly.  And very touchy feely.  They kept touching me on the shoulder and the arm.  And making jokes.  At one point one of the boys turned to me and asked if he got a present for being in the French Navy.  I just kind of stood there and grinned and thought to myself what “present” I would really like to give him.  They were also very generous and tipped very well.  And the best part, they let me wear one of their hat’s with the red pom-pom on top.  It made me giggle.

What’s not to love, French Sailors and lots of money.  It was a great night.