My Nose Is Running…

I have some sort of sinus thing going on.  My head is completely stopped up but my nose is running.  It started yesterday and was worse today.  I think it’s probably related to the radiator heat in my apartment which has been on a lot more because it’s been colder.   I feel fine though so I don’t even know what to take for it.   It wouldn’t be much of a problem at all except that having your nose run while you are waiting tables is a bit of a nuisance.  Most people don’t like seeing you wipe your nose on your sleeve while you are at the table.   Maybe I should just call in sick for a couple of days and not worry about it.   (Just kidding).

Speaking of work.

Tonight I had the kind of night that makes me think waiting tables isn’t so bad.  It was the complete opposite of last night.  Everyone was friendly and happy and I didn’t have one difficult customer all night.  I only got one bad tip, but since the check was only 15 dollars it didn’t hurt my average much.  I actually had a lot of fun tonight and as a result the evening flew by.  I turned around and it was 11:00.  If only every night could be like that.

I also got my Christmas schedule tonight.  I work Christmas Eve during the day and then am off that night and all day Christmas.  I’m starting to think that maybe I should try and find some people that are going to be in town to play with.  I had actually planned to order Chinese and watch Hallmark TV movies all day.  Now I’m having second thoughts.  Of course it might be too late to make plans since everybody else probably already has plans but I suppose it’s worth a try.  There are a couple of people at work I wouldn’t mind hanging out with and there are even more people from school that it would be nice to see.  I think tomorrow I’ll send out some emails and see what the replies are.


4 thoughts on “My Nose Is Running…

  1. Lemuel December 17, 2007 / 08:22

    I hope you find some good friends to hang with and with which to celebrate the holiday.

    You deserved the good night after the recent ones. Isn’t funny how we do not mind work and time flies when you are busy and people are cordial, regardless of what work you do.

  2. urspo December 17, 2007 / 23:21

    the old joke is at the doctor’s office –
    ‘there is something terribly wrong with you! your nose is running and your feet are smelling!

    if you can’t have tradition on christmas, then it is best to have an adventure. i hope your day off is a fine one.

  3. Donnie December 19, 2007 / 10:59

    As a long-time allergy/sinus sufferer, I recommend you take Sudafed. It works wonders.

    So glad to read that you had a good night at work.

  4. Rick December 20, 2007 / 05:25

    Glad your day was better. Hope your runny nose has stopped.

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