I’m drunk….

I did something I never do tonight. I went to a gay bar. And had way tooooo many beers.

It started out completely innocent. My friend Lee whom I work with suggested we grab dinner after work today. Did I mention that I worked today? That sucked, but only because we were extremely slow. Anyway, after work today, Lee, myself and a bartender named John went to Ruby Tuesday’s which is near my restaurant. For some reason Lee had gotten into his head that that’s where we needed to eat. And so we were off.

The service was okay, the food sucked and the entire experience was WAY TOO expensive. It cost the three of us 150.00, and that was without any appetizers or dessert. Our server Mark, took okay care of us, he was a little too timid for my taste but we discussed that and we think we might have scared him with our agressive behaviour. Of course we tipped him about 12 million percent so it was well worth it to him to deal with us.

After dinner, I decided to tag along with John who was going to The Ritz to meet a friend. It’s a quaint little bar in Hell’s Kitchen and was quite the surprise. I had never hung out with John before. In fact in the two months I’ve worked with him today was the first day he’s ever spoken to me. That didn’t bother me though, and off we went. He turned out to be a very funny guy. He’s just coming out of the closet and most people I work with don’t even know that he’s gay. Of course how they can’t guess it is beyond me cause he’s a little on the flamboyant side. But who am I to gossip about that.

And so we drank. And drank. And then his friend showed up. And we drank some more. And some more. And now it’s 3:48 in the a.m. and I’m tipsy. I had a great time and it’s not like I do this every night. Of course, I kept telling John and his friend Kevin that I was supposed to be home putting lights on the Christmas tree that Chuck and I bought on Saturday. But the way I see it, the lights will wait till tomorrow afternoon. LATE tomorrow afternoon. I’m about to go to bed and sleep until 4 p.m. As I mentioned I worked the day shift today and I only got about 2.5 hours of sleep before I got to work, so I’m tired…and then I’m drunk…and well I think sleep is the best solution. I just hope that I’m not hung over tomorrow. I’m going to put the lights on the tree in the afternoon so Chuck and I can decorate the tree tomorrow night. H0pefully, I will have pictures of our efforts tomorrow night.

And with that my friends, I’m going to bed.


4 thoughts on “Hi.

  1. Lemuel December 4, 2007 / 06:13

    I hope the fun did not catch up with you today! 😉

  2. urspo December 6, 2007 / 00:22

    tut tut and shame
    drinking leads to social dancing.
    your life is going to ruin this way!!!

  3. Donnie December 6, 2007 / 08:26

    Well, it’s sometimes good to “let loose” and do something you ordinarily don’t. I hope you didn’t have a hangover.

  4. Paul December 6, 2007 / 22:46

    Blogging drunk. There’s nothing like it.

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