A New Hard Drive…

hard-drive.jpgAfter more than two weeks without my computer, it’s finally out of the shop.  I picked it up today from the repair store.  It now has a brand new hard drive, and is running faster than ever.  What it doesn’t have is any of the pictures that I took over the past two years.  Any of the design work I did over the past two years.  The programming for my design website.  The programming for my DVD.  Two years worth of emails.  And none of the illegal software that my friends had given me.  In essence I’m starting with a brand new computer.

I keep trying to remind myself that I should be thankful that the computer didn’t need to be replaced.  It was a relatively easy fix and for the most part painless.  As with all things, I think about what’s missing and I realize that I can live without most of those things.  The pictures are not replaceable, but it’s also not like they were of my grandmother who just died or something.  The files were important, but once again they are not things I can’t live without.  I’ll have to recreate some things but for the most part it will be fine.

What I have promised myself to do, is to back up my computer as I create files.  I have an external hard drive that I hardly ever use.  It sits on my desk beside my computer and is hardly ever plugged in.  That will change now.  I’m going to back up things as I go, so that next time I won’t lose so much information.

I’ll spend the next few days catching you up on what’s been going on but for now, I’m still working at the restaurant.  It’s going fine.  In fact I was supposed to work tonight but gave away my shift so that I could go and pick up my computer.  I’ll have to pick up a shift on Thursday or Friday to make up for it, but that’s no big deal.

I hope everyone’s been doing well, and I can’t wait to catch up on what everyone’s been doing since I’ve been gone.


4 thoughts on “A New Hard Drive…

  1. Lemuel November 28, 2007 / 06:09

    I was happy to read that you have an external hard drive that you can use for a back up. May I suggest investing in “bit image backup software” – such as Acronis True Image (my choice) or Ghost? This software can make an image of your entire hard drive and from which image you can restore everything as it was to a new hard drive if it crashes. I’ve had to use mine on occasion and within about a half hour of sticking in a new hard drive I am up and running.

    Oh, and if you do, I recommend running the back up once a week. With that you only lose a week’s worth of changes.

  2. Kelly November 28, 2007 / 07:26

    Yippie, Maddog is back!!! Welcome back! I understand the frustrations of loosing stuff… that is one reason I post soooo many pictures, i know that I can go online somewhere and pull them up anytime… and one day I will put them all in one place on hard drive… until then my back up is Jeff’s laptop… well, I do have an almost new desktop that is completely clear and in good shape that I will eventually put everything on, but I need to buy a monitor for it… ugghhhh…. also, can you email me your actual mailing address where i could send an xmas card??

  3. Scott-O-Rama November 28, 2007 / 23:34

    You should also check out Mozy as an online back-up solution. Even if you back-up to an external hard drive or CD/DVD’s, there’s still a chance of losing everything in the event of a fire or similar catastrophe.

    Mozy’s at http://mozy.com/

  4. Donnie November 29, 2007 / 09:41

    Glad to read that you didn’t need a whole new computer. I’m beginning to catch up on my blogroll…I’ve been delinquent.

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