I’m Maddog and I’ll be your server today…

So I fully expected to come home tonight and rant and rant and rant about work tonight.  But alas that is not to be.  I had the best shift tonight that I’ve had since I started working there.  So I think I should wait until I have a really bad shift to do some ranting.

I went in to work today to pick up a shift.  I was only scheduled two shifts this week, so I’ve been a little desperate to get shifts.  I managed to pick up one on Sunday but that was it.  So the rest of the week has to be the lottery.  I’ve mentioned this before.  We show up an hour before the shift and everyone who’s there gets their name put into a hat and then the names are drawn out.  You are then ranked from 1 to whatever.  That’s the order shifts are given away.  Whether you get a shift depends on whether anyone’s called out sick, or whether any of the servers who show up to work want to say fuck it and go home.  Last night there were four of us who wanted shifts and none of us got one.  Tonight there were 6 of us wanting shifts and I think four of us got them.  I was number 2 on the list and that was great because I got my favorite station in the restaurant.  I was the station closest to the kitchen.  It’s not huge, but it means the work is easier.  Fewer steps to the bar and kitchen means less stress with getting your food and alcohol to the table.  Trust me when I say it’s great to be two steps away from both.

The night started out great and remained great throughout the evening.  Almost every table tipped 20% with a five or six tables doing more than 30%.  One foreign table double tipped me, but I have no idea what that was about.  And I only got two bad tips.  The first one was from two ladies who were clearly in a bad mood when they arrived.  I could have tapped dance while balancing things on my head and they would have been pissy.  They left me $4.00 on a $44.00 tab.  10% is better than no tip at all, but it’s not great.  My last table of the evening left me $5.00 on $75.00.  They were Italian, and I think I’ve mentioned before, people from Italy don’t tip.  And I don’t mean the Italians that live in Queens.  I mean the Italians that flew over two days ago on Delta.  I have yet to have them tip me more than 5 or 6%.  But what can you do.  There’s no point in getting mad.  All it does is ruin your evening and that doesn’t help you in the end.   The one saving grace is that the Italian boy who didn’t tip well was BEAUTIFUL.  And I say that with a capital BEAUTIFUL.  And was very flirtatious.  All though cute and flirtatious don’t pay the rent, they are better than ugly and pissy and non tipping.

Before my shift tonight I had a conversation with my friend Daniel who’s a manager at the restaurant and helped me get my old job back.  We’ve chatted many times since I’ve been back.  One of the things we’ve talked about is how awful the staff is now.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here or not, but it really is the worst staff of any restaurant I’ve ever worked at.  They are childish and petty and only look out for themselves.  There’s no teamwork and definitely no helping out of other people who are working.  They don’t say please and thank you and have no appreciation when someone does something to help them out.  So I’ve told my friend Daniel this.  Well, seems they had a manager’s meeting this morning and the attitude of the staff came up.  He took this moment to tell them a couple of stories that I’d told him about things that have happened while I’ve been working there.  They were concerned about how I reacted, but he assured them that I was a grown up and took it all with a grain of salt.  I don’t care that he told them, I just hope they start trying to do something about it.

In the meantime, I’m off tomorrow so I’m going to try and pick up another shift.  And then I’m scheduled Saturday and I picked up a shift for Sunday, and I’m scheduled Monday and Tuesday.  My goal is to make the rest of my student loan payment and all of my rent over the weekend.  With any luck it will happen.

8 thoughts on “I’m Maddog and I’ll be your server today…

  1. Mike October 12, 2007 / 05:50

    All though cute and flirtatious don’t pay the rent, they are better than ugly and pissy and non tipping.

    Ain’t that the truth. If they aren’t gonna tip, at least they are worth looking at.

  2. Lemuel October 12, 2007 / 06:19

    I chuckled at the non-tipping Italian boy. I guess sometimes there are other compensations. 🙂

    I hope that the management will act on your concerns without compromising your relationships with the other staff. Good management will know how to do that effectively and know that from every aspect it, it is good for their business.

  3. sortedlives October 13, 2007 / 07:23

    M and I just had a conversation regarding tipping. If you can’t afford to tip on a $75 bill, you shouldn’t go out for dinner.

  4. Donnie October 13, 2007 / 10:41

    Maddog, you’re probably the kind of server who has return customers asking to sit in your section. When I go to a restaurant and am served by a great waitstaff, I always ask for them when I return. 😉

  5. Lucas October 13, 2007 / 12:30

    This is interesting stuff. Really. i have tossed around the idea of serving. Never have before but will be losing my job soon so I have to start over. I LOVE working with the public soooo…

    BTW, I did that meme you did and will be posting in next week!

  6. urspo October 13, 2007 / 18:05

    i remember growing up in protestant sects that being stingy with tips would keep people virtous?!

  7. Daniel October 14, 2007 / 01:00

    I wonder if tips are usually included as part of the bill, or if servers just get paid better there. Most Italians are generous people, so it doesn’t make sense to me that they don’t tip.

    Interacting with co-workers is usually at least as demanding as interacting with public.

  8. urspo October 18, 2007 / 21:11

    say, where is you latest post?

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