Waiting Tables…Day Three

My feet are fucking killing me.

Enough said.

Attention please.  Maddog is finished with his training.  YIPPEE!

I finished up tonight and got approval from the manager to be able to start picking up shifts.  Unfortunately, my lovely friend Samantha forgot to put me on this week’s schedule, so I have to go in everyday and hope that someone wants off and lets me work.  It’s a fucked up sort of system, but at this point I need the money too much to wait.

As for the evening.

The spawn of Satan were present for two hours in the restaurant tonight.

I’m not kidding.

The most worst behaved children (around 7 – 10 in age) I have ever seen (7 of them in total) along with five grown men were seated in an area of the restaurant adjacent to mine.

It started when the group arrived in the restaurant.  The children were all over the place.  They were running, and yelling and doing just about everything they could.  At one point the manager found them in a closed bar of a roped off part of the restaurant.  They were putting the cola gun in their mouths and drinking from it.  They were caught twice trying to look up the skirts of women in the restaurant.  At one point they purposefully tried to trip a waiter carrying a tray of drinks.  All of this before they were given a table.

After they got the table it was worse.  At no time were all seven children ever seated.  They ran around.  They continued to yell.  The manager had to escort them out of the kitchen.  Finally when she’d had enough, she went to the table and told the men they’d have to control their children, because it was a restaurant not a playground.  An argument ensued.  They accused her of trying to embarrass them about their children and told her she had no right to tell them how to discipline the kids.  She finally told them that if they got hurt or caused someone to get hurt they would be liable, not the restaurant.  This didn’t do much good, but at least she covered her bases.

The icing on the cake.  When the 150.00 dollar check came at the end of the meal.  The men decided they weren’t going to pay for it, since the manager had talked to them about their children.  They were on their way out when another manager, Mike caught them.   Another argument ensued.  This time with all five men and seven children present.  It got louder and louder and eventually most people in the restaurant had stopped eating and were watching the festivities.  Mike finally told them that they could either pay the check or he could call the cops.  It was really their choice.  They continued to argue with him until he pulled out his phone and began to dial 911.  It somehow changed their minds.  They paid the bill and left.


Of course it took the bussers almost 20 minutes to clean up after them.  The kids had dumped drinks on the floor.  Most of their food was on the floor, the tables and the chairs.  They had poured water into the sugar caddy as well as the salt and pepper.  When it was all said and done every employee present in that part of the restaurant  had to fill out an incident report because the men had declared they were going to call corporate and let them know how they’d been treated.

All this and it’s only day three.  How much more fun can it get?

8 thoughts on “Waiting Tables…Day Three

  1. Cincy Diva September 24, 2007 / 03:43

    Wow! You have some spineless managers! I would have asked the whole troupe to leave after the cola gun incident

  2. sorted September 24, 2007 / 04:43

    And yet they continue to breed and take no responsibility for their children’s actions. The 5 men should have been responsible for cleaning up after these animals. I’m just sayin’. It will get better.

  3. Mikell September 24, 2007 / 06:10

    Everyday I am reminded why I don’t like people.

    I’ll add this story to the list.

  4. Lemuel September 24, 2007 / 07:10

    If they were carrying on like that BEFORE they were even seated, was(were) the manager(s) alerted? If so, they they should have intervened and indicated that out of consideration for the other patrons, either the children needed to be controlled or they would not be seated. Warning #1. If the behavior continued (as it did), manager should have immediately escorted them to the door and/or the police called.

    Did they pay with credit card? If I were the manager, I would be tempted to charge the card for “damages” to the restaurant ensuing from the amount of clean up.

    “The more people I meet, the more I like my dog.”

  5. James September 24, 2007 / 07:29

    I’m a Flight Attendant for a major domestic airline. I understand your sentiments completely. Btw, I enjoy hearing about your day. Keep up the great work. I also live in OKC and am based in Chicago. So, it was fun to read about your Oklahoma exploits.


  6. johnmichael September 24, 2007 / 14:09

    I can’t believe that children that age don’t have manners. I can’t believe that parents would allow their children to act this way and they believed that the argument between the manager and themselves caused people to stare, how about the way the children were acting causing the scene and the stares.

  7. Donnie September 24, 2007 / 14:38

    Not that I’m one to generalize, but I can’t help but state…these 5 “men” were more than likely a group of “part-time divorced dads” saddled with their kids. They probably didn’t want anything to do with the spawn of Satan.

    I’m afraid I would’ve been fired and possibly arrested for poisoning because I would’ve laced their food/drinks with something not so nice.

    Just call me Ursula the Sea Witch! 😉

  8. Daniel September 24, 2007 / 17:12

    Yeah, I’m kind of amazed the manager even let them order. They had to cost much more in chaos and cleanup than they were worth.
    I’d have been a wreck after dealing with something like that.

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