A Day In The Life…

It’s been much calmer in the hood tonight.  The police went by with their sirens on earlier, but they drove right by my block.  Let’s just hope it stays that way.

It’s finally cooling off here in the city.  Last night I finally slept with the windows open.  Which was nice because the breeze was blowing and the temperature was quite nice.  But it sucked because every ounce of noise also drifted through the window.  I was finally able to tune it out around 3:00 a.m. and get to sleep.  What I wasn’t able to tune out was the jackhammer at 8:00 this morning.  It was like a drum pounding inside my skull.  I tried hiding under the comforter, putting all four pillows on my head, but nothing seemed to work.  I finally realized that sleep was a thing of the past and got my butt out of bed.  Let’s hope Time Warner Cable’s repairs that are happening on our street don’t take too long.

On another note, I’ve spent the last week cleaning.  Over the weekend, I cleaned every ounce of the living room, dining room, office and kitchen…and let’s not forget the bathroom.  Since Monday I have been working on my room.  I have a pile of things by the front door to get rid of.  On Friday, I’m going to cart it all down to the lobby and put a “free” sign on it and hope that people take it.  Whatever’s left on Sunday night I’ll cart out to the garbage.  It’s mostly stuff I should have dumped before I ever moved back to New York.  I think my favorite item that I’m getting rid of is a bed spread someone I know crotchet for David and me about 5 years ago.  I’ve never used it, and it’s been stuck in a  box taking up precious space since I got it.  It would have been great if it had been an afghan, or a throw but it’s big enough to fit a queen size bed.  Oh, and it’s purple.  Just what I’ve always wanted a queen size purple bedspread.   As I said, I’ve been working since Monday and I’m still not finished.  I have about twice as much stuff in my room as should be there.  The worst part is that I have clothes for the skinny me, the medium size me, the large me, the extra-large me, and the extra extra-large me.  The medium and large clothes are very nice because I tend to be a clothes horse when I’m skinny, so I don’t want to get rid of them.  Just in case I actually make it to skinny on the diet this time.  It will probably take the rest of the weekend to get my room complete.

And I should probably let all of you know that I finally got the start date for my waiting tables gig.  I start next Wednesday.  It’s orientation day.  I don’t know much else.  I have no idea what my schedule will be like for the next few weeks, which is kind of annoying because I can’t make plans.  But a job is a job so I’m not complaining.

6 thoughts on “A Day In The Life…

  1. sortedlives September 14, 2007 / 04:54

    Try to take some time and enjoy the weekend. Hope all is well.

  2. Lemuel September 14, 2007 / 05:01

    I guess folks get used to city noises at night and sleep through them. I hope you rest better in future nights.

    What?! A gay guy getting rid of any thing purple? Fawell is rolling in his grave. **grin**

  3. Jason September 14, 2007 / 07:35

    It’s finally cooled down here. This summer was so dry and hot! I love being able to open the windows when I go to bed.

    One of my projects this weekend is to clean out my filthy closet. Its a mess!

    Have a great weekend, and good luck with your new job!

  4. Donnie September 14, 2007 / 15:51

    Enjoy the last few days before heading to work. I really need to do some serious cleaning too, but I’m not “feeling it”. 🙂

    Have a good weekend, Maddog!

  5. urspo September 14, 2007 / 19:12

    good luck with the tables
    heighho the city life.

  6. Paul September 15, 2007 / 02:52

    I’m sorry that I can’t help you with the purple bed spread. Wrong size.

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