A Very Exciting Night…


It’s been a very exciting night.

Around 10:15 I was watching a DVD, minding my own business. On the TV there was a crowd scene, with a lot of background noise. I noticed the sound was getting louder and louder. Suddenly I realized that it wasn’t the TV. I went to the window and looked out and discovered 50+ people going at it outside. There were 10 or 12 fighting, another 5 or 6 jumping up and down on the tops of cars and the others were encouraging it all. Then another group started going at it and this time they were throwing rocks and bottles at each other and the buildings. I grabbed my phone and called 911. I told the operator what was happening. She wanted to know if there were any weapons present. I told her I hadn’t seen any, but that I wasn’t close enough to tell. She then asked for my name and number and told me the police would be on the way.

It took them about 7 or 8 minutes to get here, which is a long time considering they are only 12 blocks away. When they did arrive, they arrived in force. There were at least 6 or 7 cars. Of course as soon as the people fighting heard the sirens, they took off. When the cops got here, the corner looked just like it does on any other night. They stuck around for 15 minutes or so and then took off. It’s the first time since I’ve lived here that anything like this has ever happened. Let’s hope that it’s not the start of a decline in the neighborhood. It’s not that great a neighborhood to begin with.

Unfortunately, not one of them looked like this…



7 thoughts on “A Very Exciting Night…

  1. Mikell September 13, 2007 / 06:13

    They never do, when you want them to.

  2. Condoblogger September 13, 2007 / 10:12

    How exciting! How many floors above the mele were you? I wonder what they were fighting about!? Is there a bar (or bars) nearby? A big sporting event between rival NY teams perhaps?

  3. Lemuel September 13, 2007 / 14:24

    Couldn’t you have called 911 again and told them to send another set of police, that the first set just weren’t buff enough to do the job. 🙂

  4. deldell September 13, 2007 / 19:46

    Oh, 911! Please send help immediately! Umm, is that cute butch cop with the short hair working tonight? Send him over right away, please.

  5. Donnie September 14, 2007 / 15:48

    Glad to hear the fighting didn’t get any worse. It’s a good thing you called 911. If I were there and saw any officers who looked like that, I’d be out there in a flash to give him my statement. 😉

  6. Jason September 14, 2007 / 18:12

    I hope you asked that cop pictured above to read you your rights, reeeeealllll slowly…

  7. urspo September 14, 2007 / 19:11

    i was unable to read blogs until today; and all heck breaks loose here.
    no cop looks like this one by the way.

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