Sent to bed without…

There was no post last night because I was sent to bed early.  Michelle had to be at work super early this morning and so she went to bed at 8:30.  At 9:30 Lisa decided to go to bed, but on night’s Michelle goes to bed early, Lisa sleeps on the couch.  In the living room.  Next to the extra room.  Without a door.  Where my computer is.  So at 9:30 I headed upstairs.  I took my computer with me, but I couldn’t get comfortable with it in the bed.  So after about 15 minutes I said fuck it and closed it.  I read for a about 30 or so minutes before I turned out the light and went to sleep.  I must say it’s nice to get to bed early every once in a while, but it’s also nice to go to bed when you want to, not when you are told to.

I’ve now read at least 10 posts today about Senator Larry Craig.  I don’t have much to add.  You do have to wonder though how many more of these supposed anti-gay, Republican types are going to be caught with their hands in the cookie jar.  Being caught in a public restroom when you are a public official is always going to make the news.  When you are by definition against the very thing you are doing, it’s really going to make the news.  I’m hoping when this is all said and done he’s dragged through the ringer.  Anyone who preaches hate deserves nothing less.

So I was going to go to California on Saturday.  It’s been almost a year since I’ve been out in San Diego and it would be nice to see my friends.  I have even gone so far as to call them all and tell them I was coming.  But yesterday I changed my mind.  And why do you ask.  First and foremost, if I go to California it will involve much beer drinking.  I always tend to drink more when I’m with those friends.  It just what we do.  Unfortunately, I’m on week five of my diet and I’ve lost 22 pounds so far.  Not bad if you ask me.  If I go to California, I can kiss that loss good-bye and I wouldn’t be surprised if I come back fatter than when I started.   I also don’t really have the money.  My friend Lou’s boyfriend is a flight attendant and was going to get me the ticket for free.  But I would still have to rent a car, pay for gas and eat out every night.  And after really thinking about it, it’s not something I should do when I haven’t yet started my job and don’t have a ton of money.  So I think I’m going to wait till after Christmas to go.  By then I’ll have been working for a while, so I should have some money in the bank and I’ll have almost 5 months under my belt with the diet.  I’ll be on a little better ground if I wait.

So on Thursday I head back to New York City.  And this time it’s for good.  I have no other plans to go anywhere or do anything after I get there.  I’m just going to hang out for a couple of weeks until my job starts.  I am going to join a gym though.  I have to decided between New York Sports Club or Crunch.  NYSC is great because they have a branch on every corner.  They also have a 24 hour branch near my new restaurant job which could be nice for working out after the evening shift.  It’s also nice because when you have to go to the bathroom in New York, you just flash your membership card and run in and do it.  The downside is they tend to be a little overcrowded and in some areas of the city the attitudes are a little much.  And then there’s Crunch.  I don’t know much about them but I have a couple of friends who love them.  The advertise themselves as being the gym for everybody.  However, there aren’t as many locations and the one closest to my job is still several blocks farther than NYSC.  I don’t have clue what either gym charges.  And of course they won’t even discuss it with you until you come in and take a tour.  Everytime I’ve done a gym membership I’ve felt like I was selling my soul.  It’s equally as bad as buying a used car.  That being said, I have to do it.  If I’m going to get and stay skinny, it’s going to be with the help of a gym.

One last note.  The lesbians are so sad to see me go they are giving me a going away cook-out.  Tomorrow night about 10 – 15 of Michelle and Lisa’s friends are coming over to say good-bye.  They are all sad that I’m not staying, and I’m still hearing reasons why I should stay.  Of course not one of them has offered to support me, find me a job, a place to live, or any of the essentials needed to live in Maine.  But either way, I’ll get to eat steak tomorrow night, and hang out with lesbians and say farewell to Maine for the moment.


8 thoughts on “Sent to bed without…

  1. Kelly August 28, 2007 / 21:28

    Hang in there… it will all work out… and work out you will… things will be well for you in NYC…

  2. deldell August 28, 2007 / 22:41

    I need some lesbian friends. Yours sound nice.

  3. Lemuel August 29, 2007 / 04:51

    So proud (and envious) of your loss of the 22 lbs!! and I admire your decision to forgo the trip to CA. It sounds like you have a darn good head on your shoulders. Good luck with the choice of gym when you return to NYC. I hope you are able to find one convenient and congenial.

    Have a great farewell party!

  4. Shel August 29, 2007 / 08:36

    Hi — thanks for the comment…Of course I didnt research them — looks are everything, you know. Hang in there with the diet. It can be tough, but it is so worth it…drop me an email sometime…

  5. Cincy Diva August 29, 2007 / 11:13

    Of course they’re sorry to see you go. They are losing the only male lesbian in the village!

  6. urspo August 29, 2007 / 11:44

    i thought lesbians ate tofu pups at cookouts.
    anyway, california sounds more exciting for you than maine, land of lobsters.
    what do you call san diego anyway?

  7. Donnie August 30, 2007 / 07:25

    Sounds like you’ll be sorely missed up in Maine. I wish I could help you make your gym decision, but I only have experience with Gold’s Gyms. Every one I’ve ever been in has been great.

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