A Day In The Life…

It’s so nice to be home.  It’s nice to not be surrounded by 12 year old actors whose only concern is how amazing they are.

I didn’t do much today.  I started the day by being awakened by my telephone vibrating at 9:10.  Whoops.  I hadn’t turned my ringer on which meant I didn’t wake up at 8:30 as I had planned.  I was supposed to be downtown at 10:00.  I quickly jumped up brushed my teeth, threw on yesterday’s clothes and ran for the train.  I arrived at my appointment at 10:03.  Not bad if you ask me.

After the appointment, I came back home.  I was in a bit of a fuzz and not yet fully awake.  I came home, scanned the news, read a couple of blogs, and chatted with some friends on line.  It was great to sit at my desk and not be bothered.  I finally showered and then headed back downtown.  Mostly I was just wasting time since I had no agenda for the day.

Tonight I had dinner with my roommate.  It was very nice. We ate in the nicer part of our neighborhood, sitting outside on the patio.  The weather was quite cool tonight so it was perfect for a little outside dining.  We caught up on each other’s lives.  His work sagas, his hatred of the sublettor, his trips around the country.  I shared with him stories of Oklahoma.  He reads my blog and so knows a lot of them, but there are some I have never shared on my blog simply because the posts would have been even longer than they were.  It was a very lovely evening.

After dinner we walked home to watch a movie.  We both have Netflix subscriptions and have movies to watch.  We decided on Grey Gardens, because we’ve heard from so many people about how wonderful it is.  We both hated it.  We could have been shown 30 minutes of their craziness and been done with.  I was hoping to gain some insight as to why they ended up this way and why they continued to live in squalor.  I know no more now than I did then.  There were parts that were funny, but not two hours worth of funny.

And now dear readers, you may not believe it, but it’s 10:50 and I’m going to bed.  I’m tired and sleepy and I can hear the bed calling my name.  So unlike a week ago when I was up for 8 more hours, I plan to be asleep in about 30 minutes.

Have a great weekend.


One thought on “A Day In The Life…

  1. Donnie July 24, 2007 / 18:49

    So glad to read that you’re back home. Now I have to catch up.

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