Day Thirty-Seven: Oklahoma

I had a bit of a scare this morning. I got up and checked my email and discovered that I had an email from someone who knew exactly where I was and what I was doing and even mentioned the director by name. Uh Oh!!! I quickly scanned my brain to think back to see if I had said anything that might get me fired or even worse not hired back next year. For the life of me I couldn’t remember although I know there have been one or two snippy remarks. So I quickly sent a reply email asking the person to kind of keep the blog to themselves and not tell the director about it. When I returned home there was a reply saying “Discretion totally respected.” Whew. That’s better, although I am still a little nervous about someone with the possibility of telling. I’m going to have to rethink my telling you guys what part of the country I am in.

I’ve had a great day. I woke up early. Well for me. 8:30 a.m. Don’t snicker Chuck. I didn’t get out of bed though. I decided to lie there and just enjoy not having to do anything or go any where. This lasted about 20 minutes at which point I fell back asleep and slept until noon. The part that sucked about going back to sleep was that I dreamed about work for the next three hours. So I was exhausted when the alarm finally went off and I got up.

Unfortunately, it seemed that I had slept as long as everyone else, because the bathroom was packed when I went down to shower. I had to rethink that. I wandered back to my room and got dressed (I took a shower later) and that’s when I discovered the email. I sent out a few responses and then went down to head off to a meeting with the director, conductor, technical director, stage manager, and four board members. They wanted to know what worked and didn’t work about this year. For the most part I kept my mouth closed. There is really very little that can be done about my complaints. They just are. We also discussed the season for next year. There are lots of options out there. There is discussion of doing Into the Woods by Sondheim, which I love…there would be no complaints from me.

After lunch the director drove me back to the dorm where I finally got to shower. After the shower I was playing around on line when I remembered there being talk of a site called X-Tube. It’s basically YouTube with porn. I spent about an hour looking at videos today. Hmmm. There were some very cute boys showing their wares on the sight.

Then it was back to the theatre. The light board is still broken and so we had to go in and make sure the replacement board was up and running okay. It was…so I “went out to make a phone call” and wandered up the street to see if I could see any live action videos. It’s both a blessing and a curse that the adult bookstore is up the street from the theatre. On one hand it’s nice to be able to steal away for a couple of hours…on the the other hand it’s a diversion I don’t always need and I worry about being seen by one of the company members going in or coming out. Obviously, I don’t worry enough to stay away, but I do worry. So I went and wasted a couple of hours and then got back to the theatre in time for the end of Act 2. I’m bored by the show by this time so I was glad I hadn’t had to watch.

And now I’m back home. It was a slow day in the world of blogs. Very, very few people posted today. It only took about 25 minutes to get through the blogs I read because so few people had posted since yesterday. I’m assuming everyone is either taking the rest of the week off, or they are too busy with work to post. Just know you were missed.

And that my friends was my day.


3 thoughts on “Day Thirty-Seven: Oklahoma

  1. Eric July 6, 2007 / 06:31

    Hey hey, I alwas try to keep work stuff as BLAND as possible. I won’t lie about working in an office with crazy people, but I won’t mention names or the specifics of the job PRECISELY for that reason.

  2. Donnie July 6, 2007 / 10:02

    I was busy with intructor interviews on Thursday. When I got home from work, I ate dinner, then went to bed to catch up on some sleep. Exciting, huh? 😉

    Glad to read that the person who knows will be discreet. Try to have a good weekend. 😀

  3. Condoblogger July 9, 2007 / 12:07

    X-Tube… another reason for making sure your door is locked! 🙂

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