Day Twenty-Five: Oklahoma

Why am I still awake at 1:30 in the morning.  I could have been asleep hours ago.  But I chose to go get food with the stage manager and a couple of actors and just got home.  We went to an all night diner where the food was so so, but the pie was delicious.  I had a piece that was pecans and caramel and cream cheese and it was yummy.  But now it’s 1:39 and I have to wait for the sugar high to end so that I can go to sleep.  This may not have been the best decision ever.

So we ran our two shows today.  The first show went okay.  One of my follow-spot operators was at a wedding so a person from the scenery crew was a substitute.  She did okay although the one part of the show that I’m a bit particular about she completely screwed up.  This was no concern  considering how badly the person subbing for her did.  In the theatre the scenic elements that are lowered in from above are called flys.  There are people pulling ropes that bring these to the floor.  Well in the first scene change, the person doing the flys didn’t notice when to stop and slammed the scenery into the floor.  For a moment I was afraid it had broken.  After it stopped shaking and settled down it appeared fine, but everyone was on edge for the next few minutes.  Needless to say the stage manager was a little pissed because no one had told her someone was going to be out today.  It kind of set everyone on edge for the rest of the day.

Show number two went much better tonight than it did last night.  For my part all of the light cues were in the right place and the haze didn’t make the theatre look like it was on fire.  For the most part the actors did okay, although the lead actor completely fucked up the final song of Act 1.  For a moment no one knew what was happening.  The orchestra had finished and he was still singing and the person singing with him was trying to cover and they both finished a good 10 seconds or so behind the orchestra.  By the time they were off stage I didn’t know if they were going to cry or laugh.  I’m starting to wonder if any of the leads can get through the show without fucking something up.

It’s official.  I’m staying here for two more weeks.  I’m not sure exactly why I’m staying, but the director has agreed to pay me enough to make it worth my while.  So instead of flying home on July 1, I’m now going to be flying home on July 17.  I’m hoping it’s not a total bust and that it turns out to be fun.  I have to call tomorrow to change my flight.  I’ll of course keep everyone posted as the fun presents itself.

At the moment I’m trying to decide if I’m going to the matinee tomorrow or if I’m going to sleep until 4:00 p.m.  There’s no need for me to be at the show and it would be nice to sleep in.  And if I go downtown, I’ll be tempted to skip the show and go get in to trouble, which I’ve been trying to avoid.  What to do.  What to do.  I guess I’ll sleep on it.

Hope every one’s having a nice weekend.


3 thoughts on “Day Twenty-Five: Oklahoma

  1. Donnie June 24, 2007 / 16:43

    Glad to hear that both shows went “relatively” well.

    Congrats on the staying in OK longer. Hopefully, it’ll be worthwhile.

    I vote that you sleep in and skip the show. You need the rest for the upcoming week. 😉

  2. urspo June 24, 2007 / 18:12

    two more weeks – it gives you more of a chance to experience a tornado!!

  3. Condoblogger June 25, 2007 / 05:50

    I have never seen a big screw-up during a play. One time in Spokane I THINK I saw an actor forget her lines while singing… but I’m not sure. Is it true that the sign of a truely good stage actor is that errors like that don’t throw them off… or is the sign of a truely great stage aftor that they don’t screw up?

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