Day Twenty-Four: Oklahoma

“Before I thought you were a just a drunk asshole.   But now that I know you are gay, it’s okay.  You do know.”

A quotable quote from the evening.

I was sitting downstairs a few minutes ago (it’s 3:29 a.m. right now) and an actor (let’s call him John) said that to me.  Several days ago a few of us were sitting downstairs talking and I made the comment that Jeff the 18 year old actor in the show is gay.  How do I know this.   Well first of all he’s a musical theatre actor.  Second, he looks it.  And third, every time he talks to a certain other boy in the show his eyes light up.  And fourth and most obvious.  I’m gay.  I can tell when other people are gay.  Immediately John took offense and said there was no way he was gay and that he knew this because Jeff was interested in a girl in the cast.  I quickly stated that when I was 18 I was interested in girls too and in fact had a girl friend and that almost every gay man I knew had  had a girlfriend at some point in his life.  This all fell on deaf ears at the time.

Well the subject came up again tonight.  But in the midst of discussing this, I commented on the fact that I was gay and that’s how I knew.  Everyone but John already knew this.  But John did a double take and said “You’re gay?  You’re not gay!  Well that’s different.  Before I thought you were just a drunk asshole.  But now that I know you are gay, it’s okay.  You do know.   Everyone in the room burst into laughter and immediately the quote was written down in the living room for us to remember.  It was one of the funnier things I’ve heard since I have been here, although I didn’t like being called a drunk asshole.

Speaking of drunk asshole.  Remember last night’s discussion about the guy who was bitching about the noise and couldn’t say “please or thank you”.  Well it seems he went to the artistic director today about me.  I don’t know everything that was said but he was complaining about my comment, my attitude and my reaction toward him.  I find the whole thing hysterically funny.  The guys 36.  If he as a problem with me come talk to me.  Don’t go tell the teacher.  It’s not grade school.  Besides this is summer stock.  I’m 42 years old and I know that summer stock is about drinking a lot, having summer flings and being loud.  It’s what you do when you are 18 and away from home.  That’s why I haven’t said a word about people being loud in the hallways.  It’s their summer of fun.  Why should I try to spoil it.  Besides, I’m having fun too…so get over it.  Perhaps if this guy would pull the stick out of his ass that’s been planted there he might not be so sour.

Well the show opened tonight.  In a word.  It sucked.  At the top of the second scene (and there are too many to count) the lead actor fucked something up and didn’t sing the right words.  Since he’s the star we can’t ask him about it but it was bad.  This started a chain of events that although were not related didn’t stop until the curtain came down on the end.  One of the female leads sang about two words of a duet she had.  No one knows whether she couldn’t hear the orchestra or if she forgot the words or what but she certainly wasn’t singing.  The other female lead screwed up all the words to her song that opens act 2.  So much so the stage manager had no idea where they were in the script.  And then in the scene leading up to the finale the chorus missed a singing entrance and they all came in at different times.  For someone who didn’t know better they probably couldn’t tell, but for anyone who knows the score it was a disaster.  The stage manager was a wreck by the end of the show.

As far as tech goes.  My lighting crew forgot to turn the hazer on till two minutes before the show.  A hazer is a machine that produces particulate that fills the air so that the audience can see the beams of light in a show.  For this particular show it’s vital to the overall design to see the the light beams.  At 7:55 I ran into the control booth to ask what the problem was.  I was told it was malfunctioning but was working now.  I found out later that malfunctioning meant it hadn’t been turned on.  Hmmm.  I was more than a little pissed and annoyed.  It takes a while for the machine to fill the space so we started the show with no beams being seen.  Then to make matters worse the machine had been positioned wrong and the whole stage right side of the stage looked as if it was on fire and smoke was billowing out.  It’s all I could see all night.  So between smoke and forgotten lines it was a memorable evening.

I think I pissed my crew off after the show because I was pissy.  I basically called them to task on forgetting and not placing it correctly.  I upset them so badly they didn’t even go out to have a drink after opening which everyone else did.  Whoops.  I’m not that much of an ass, but I do expect the show to be run the way that I designed it.

Tomorrow is our first two show day.  We have one show in the afternoon and then a completely different show in the evening.  The crew has about an hour and a half to change the sets for the two different shows.  It mean everyone will be a  little cranky by tomorrow evening.  It just means that I’ll buy beer and try to make sure they are all happy.  It’s the least that I can do.  I mean, I am a drunk asshole after all.


3 thoughts on “Day Twenty-Four: Oklahoma

  1. Donnie June 23, 2007 / 15:55

    Deep Breaths, Maddog……in with the good air, out with the bed air.

    I hope the two shows go smoothly.

  2. danny June 23, 2007 / 21:49

    as they say…the show must go on. hopefully without all the snafus tomorrow. good luck or break a leg.

  3. Condoblogger June 25, 2007 / 05:43

    Two differnt shows in one day? Is that very common? I worked at my college’s sports arena part time, and weld frequently have to go from basketball court to concert stage to lecture hall and back to basketball court over a 4 day period… but never two different things in one day.

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