Day Fourteen: Oklahoma

It’s been a very long day.  And unfortunately things aren’t going as well as I’d like.  My ME has turned out to be few fries short of a happy meal.  The smallest, easiest tasks have to be explained to him over and over.  He has no sense of urgency, and sometimes appears to be quite lazy.  Tonight for instance we had 30 minutes to do notes at the end of rehearsal.  I looked up and he was sitting in the lighting control booth doing nothing.  Not even pretending to be busy.  Needless to say we didn’t get everything done.  We have 60 minutes tomorrow morning to get caught up or we’re fucked.  Ugh.

On to happier news.  I realized tonight that I’d missed the anniversary of my blog.  It was on June 9, of 2006 that I wrote my first entry.  At that time I thought my blog would be my personal journal of my journey back to New York.  I would share my thoughts and ideas, my excursions and adventures and share some of my life with you.  I don’t know if it’s become that or not.  I do know that I look forward to writing my entries and that I find it theraputic.  I like knowing there are people out there that are getting to know me.  I like that they like me even though I whine a little too much and don’t always have a point.  But as they say “what can you do.”

So I hope this lasts a while longer.  For the time being I’m not bored with it and am enjoying it.  So I hope this is the beginning of many, many more posts.


5 thoughts on “Day Fourteen: Oklahoma

  1. urspo June 13, 2007 / 00:44

    happy blogiversary!
    indeed may there be many many more
    in all sorts of Lands.

  2. danny June 13, 2007 / 00:45

    cheers! to your blog anniversary. i do look forward to reading about your adventures, work related or not. anyway, it’s hard to hear whining when it’s written down. so i’ll let you off the hook on that point.

    hope things go better for you in the morning.

  3. Mikell June 13, 2007 / 18:11

    Happy Blogiversary, albeit late.

    Take a chance and super-size that ME. Or get him a frostyfloat.

    mmmmmmmmmmmmm, frostyfloats.

  4. condoblogger June 13, 2007 / 19:49

    happy anniversary! Truely, yours is one of my favorite reads because you seem to have been on one adventure or another since I began reading!

    Sorry bout your ME. He had such promise at the beginning of all this too!

  5. Daniel June 13, 2007 / 23:56

    Happy Anniversary!
    Too bad about your ME. Maybe he’s taking his cue from some of the unprofessionalism that’s around you.

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