Day Twelve: Oklahoma

It’s 4:00 a.m. and I’m just going to bed.  I’ve been home since about 11:30.  I was mad when I first got here but after a couple of beers and venting to some people I’m much better.  It’s now many beers later and I’m going to bed.  I’m sleeping until 4 p.m. tomorrow and I’m going to kill anyone who wakes me before then.  And then after I get up, I’m going to take a nap just for the fun of it.  In fact I may spend the whole day in bed.  I just may.

As for yesterday’s post, I’ll fill you in on all that as well as today’s happenings tomorrow.  Hang in there.  I know some of you are probably sitting on the edge of your seats.  I promise the surprise ending will leave you wanting more.  In fact it might be the best post ever.  Well not really.  I’m tired and a little tipsy and I’m trying to be funny and not being very successful.  If I was one of the 20 year old kids I’m working with, I might throw in a “banging your mother” joke for emphasis.  But since I’m not I won’t.

Have a great Monday, guys.  See you tomorrow.


One thought on “Day Twelve: Oklahoma

  1. urspo June 11, 2007 / 21:30

    i thought you did a splendid job (writing)
    just lay of the beer; it is bad on the complexion!

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