Day Eleven: Oklahoma

It’s 3:00 a.m. and I just walked through the door.  It’s been the most hellish day yet.  I was called incompetent by the union’s head guy, the computer that runs the lights crashed minutes before the show and the files couldn’t be recovered which meant that we had to punt to get through the closing night performance.  Then we loaded the truck and was ready to go when we discovered the battery on the truck was dead.  AAAAHHHHHH!  It took an hour and a half to get the truck jumped.  (I felt glad that I was NOT the only one that couldn’t find the battery).  I saved the day twice but you’ll have to tune in tomorrow night to find out.  Right now I’m going to bed.  I have to be up at 10:00 and if I don’t get to sleep soon I’ll never make it tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Day Eleven: Oklahoma

  1. Condoblogger June 10, 2007 / 08:53

    I don’t want to jinx anything (not really up on all the theater superstitions) but isn’t there a saying about a bad rehersal = a good performance?

  2. urspo June 10, 2007 / 20:48

    hang in there!

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