Day Seven: Oklahoma

It’s 1:15.  My day just ended.  As soon as I make my Day 7 post I’m going to bed.  Today was only a 17 hour day.  I just got out of a meeting to figure out how to rescue the scenery design.  The director thinks it looks like a high school play and is ready to fire the designer.  I wish he’d fired him six weeks ago.  It would have made my life a lot easier.  Instead, I just have to deal with the aftermath.  Today they changed where all the scenery hangs.  Which means I need to change where all the lighting that lights the scenery hangs.  Ugh.  I think my crew is ready to kill me.  But then again they know it’s not my fault so maybe they’ll get over it.

I’ll keep you posted as things play out over the next couple of days.  We open out of town on Friday, so we have a few more days to figure it all out.

New things I heard today:

Why do women where white when they get married?  So all the appliances  match.

There was one more but I forget it.  There are a couple of other jokes, I’ve been neglecting to share with you because they are a bit disgusting.  I’ll ponder them a few more days before I decide.

Thanks for the call today Sorted.  It’ll be Monday before I can call back.  But I do appreciate your thinking about me.

I started reading a new book last night.  It was signed by the author.  It said “To the bestest roommate ever.”  I’m still smiling about it.   I get to read chapter two tonight but so far it’s VERY funny and makes me laugh out loud.

I have to go to bed now.  It’s now 1:20 and I have to be in the shower in 5 hours.  Ugh!


5 thoughts on “Day Seven: Oklahoma

  1. Steven June 6, 2007 / 07:20

    “Only a 17-hour day”???!! And yet you have time to pull out a book to read! At least it’s one that gives you a break from the day and provides you laughter. 😀

    I sure hope you’re never in the line of fire with the Director because of what the designer has done.

  2. Donnie June 6, 2007 / 15:21

    Whew! You’re going to need a “spa day” after this Oklahoma adventure.

  3. sortedlives June 6, 2007 / 17:46

    You are welcome! I have been worried about you — and with these 17-hour days… I should be. Take care of yourself remember you always have a place to crash after its over! Even if I have to throw Wenchy out!!

  4. urspo June 6, 2007 / 22:35

    Sleep well, in the far of Land of Tornados.

  5. Daniel June 7, 2007 / 16:15

    These posts sound like letters home from summer camp!

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