Day Three: Oklahoma

I’ve come to the realization that they don’t know I’m gay here. Not that anyone’s said anything inappropriate or made me feel uncomfortable. In fact I don’t think anyone would care either way. It is theatre we are talking about here. I just don’t think they realize it. It’s kind of funny if you ask me. I can be anybody I want to be. I can make up stories. Pretend things that aren’t true. I can be from where ever I want to be from, know people I’ve never met. Make believe that at all sort of things are true when in fact they are not. Not that I would do this. But sometimes when you are in a new situation with people that don’t know you it’s nice to pretend to be someone you are not. Even if it’s only for a moment.

It’s been a long day. I got up at 7:30 and I just got home a little while ago. My ME, my assistant ME and me (that’s a lot of ME’s in one sentence) have been going non-stop all day. First stop…Diet Coke. The technical director drove me to the Quick Stop so that I could start my day with caffeine. I’ve had to stop drinking it coffee because it makes me nauseous. After the caffeine run it was back to work for a production meeting. This is a meeting where all the designers, staff and director meet to make sure that everything is on schedule and that there are no problems. It started at 9:30 and boy was the director in a mood. He was being very direct and straight forward telling it like it is. I finally got to meet the set designer. He was just as clueless in real life as he was before I met him. But I’ll come back to that. Anyway, we all met. We discussed things like where to buy a rocking chair, how to theatrically rig a firecracker, where would the masking go (the black curtains that hide the backstage area from the audience), is the scenery too big, how do I rig lights on the scaffolding without running a cable to it. The list goes on. The meeting lasted about 60 minutes with about 30 minutes after that of follow up conversation.

After the meeting it was off to get more Diet Coke. (No judgements) Then we drove 30 minutes to a nearby city where the set designer works. We are opening our first show in his theatre a week before we actually open in our real theatre. We were going to scout out the facilities and see what our limits are and what we would be able to pull off in our very limited schedule. This is where I discovered the set designer was COMPLETELY CLUELESS. It’s his space. He should know all the ins and outs. He should have the answers, and yet he was unable to deal with the simplest questions. I asked him to turn some lights on and it was like I asked him to rob Ft. Knox. It took him 30 minutes to figure out what he was doing and then he could only get 5 of the 50 on. I got none of the answers I needed while I was there. I told my crew later that basically, all I got was more questions. I know some things that can’t happen but there’s a shit load I have no idea about. We load into this theatre on Sunday, so I’ll have plenty of crap to complain about on Sunday night.

At 1:00 we jumped back in our car (did I mention that it was a convertible and that we were cruising around with the top down?) and headed back to the city. We got there with just enough time to grab lunch and head off to our next meeting. Lunch was at Arby’s. We only went there because my assistant ME had never eaten there and we thought it was appropriate to introduce her to this form of processed fast food. Which would have been fine, but she decided she wasn’t hungry and only ordered cheese sticks.

So then we were off to our next meeting. It was at the real theatre that we are performing our three shows in. It’s smaller and more manageable. It’s quite a cozy little space. The shows should fit there quite nicely. More importantly, some things I was unsure about were suddenly cleared up. I’m able to move some things around and make the design better. I’m able to add somethings where I thought it would be impossible. And more then anything, I changed some things that will make my crews lives more enjoyable. They seemed very happy when we left.

After that we went shopping. We had to buy supplies for the show that load in this weekend. You would have thought we were searching for lost diamond of Des Moines. (It’s not funny I know, but I’m too tired to think up something really witty). Both places we went acted as though we were the biggest imposition. How dare we interrupt there day to actually spend money. On top of that both stores only carried, the Big Lot’s brand of what we wanted. For lighting supplies there are three brands most people deal with. There is a fourth, lesser known brand and that’s what both companies carried. So we were unable to get what we needed and had to settle for something that would work but wasn’t what I wanted. Ugh.

After shopping, we hurried back to the rehearsal room so we could be escorted to dinner. Seems the board members of the theatre had decided it would be nice to get to know the cast and crew so they volunteered to take us out for dinner. So everyone was divided up into groups of four and taken to dinner. Some people ate at restaurants. Others were cooked for. I was lucky enough to go with the director so I wasn’t with all 12 year olds. And we were lucky enough to go a relatively nice restaurant and most important of all the wine was flowing freely. I think I had three glasses during dinner. What can I say. I’m a lush. Afterwards all the groups gathered back together at the theatre offices for dessert.

And that my friends is my day. And yet it’s not over. I’m supposed to be going out to a “straight” bar so the single girls can pick up men. How much fun can that be.

On a lighter note. The artistic director has it on good authority that my ME likes boys as much as he likes girls. Hmmm. This might be interesting. I’m a tad bit older than he is, but maybe I can teach him a thing or two? At girl can hope can’t she?


3 thoughts on “Day Three: Oklahoma

  1. Donnie June 1, 2007 / 22:25

    Whew! I’m tired from just reading this post! I’d be stocking up on Diet Coke too….but I only like the Diet Coke with Splenda.

    Good luck with your ME (wink wink, nudge nudge). 😉

  2. urspo June 1, 2007 / 23:11

    naughty! Musn’t touch MEs.
    Or at least get photos

  3. Ed June 2, 2007 / 16:34

    As the Talented Mr. Ripley says, “I’d rather be a fake somebody than a real nobody.”

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