A Day In The Life…


I had a great day today. First I woke up before my alarm went off this morning. That never happens. Usually I sleep at least 30 minutes after my alarm goes off, snoozing it every 9 minutes until my cell phone alarm goes off in the living room and I have to get up. But not today. Today I was lying in my bed waiting for the alarm to go off. And it was the first time in several nights that I haven’t had any weird dreams. No one was killed, Mrs. Brady didn’t yell at me, and exboyfriend Sam was a figment of my imagination.

I got to school at 10:00, just in time to help a student with a problem and put off my student “Jack” who has been causing problems. Then I taught my 10:00 class which was okay. My students were all in bad moods which just made me push them more. They don’t like it when I do this but what’s a girl to do. After class I finally met with my problem child. He lied his way through the conversation and after about two seconds I’d had enough and sent him on his way.

After class I had the very important task of paying my water and sewage bill. Seems I didn’t receive (at least I don’t remember getting it) my bill last month. So it didn’t get paid. So over the weekend I got a notice saying that if it wasn’t paid by May 5th they would disconnect my water. I couldn’t let that happen. So I stopped by the office and paid the bill, I also scheduled the disconnect for May 18th. Yippee.

From there I came home, stopping at Subway for a tuna sandwich. Ate my sandwich and then got on the phone to book a car reservation back to NYC. Yeah, I’m driving cross country one more time. I figure it’s the easiest way to get me and my belongings back to NYC. After about 45 minutes I finally booked a car with Alamo. It’s not cheap, but I don’t think it’s too bad considering it’s one way.

Then it was back to school for a quick postmortem about the dance show I just did. The kids were in rare form, bitching about the time requirement and how they don’t have enough time to do homework. I didn’t have the heart to tell them, they rehearse about 1/3 as much as most schools do for shows like that. So stop your bitchin’ already.

Then I had rehearsal for a student written and directed show that I got conned in to lighting. I was only there for two hours. But considering how bad the show is it seemed like 8.

After that was Chinese take-out and home to catch up on email and some work around the house.

I’ve considered deleting this post since I typed the first paragraph. It’s boring. Who the hell wants to read about my day, moment by moment. It wasn’t exciting to live it, it sure as hell isn’t exciting to read about it. The problem is I don’t know what else to write about. I’m at a loss. I could tell some funny story of my youth. But I can’t think of any. I could bitch about the weather. But how do you complain when it’s 78 degrees outside. I could complain about not having a job, but that’s not much better. So instead I bore you. This might explain why I’ve gone from 10 or so comments a day to around 3. I’ve finally bored my readers to death. The only person who seems to be reading me regularly is the IRS in DC and although I’ve been assured I’m not being audited it is kind of disconcerting. So perhaps I can get one or two of the readers out there to help with the boredom. There are other bloggers who answer questions. Perhaps I can answer a question or two for you. Or perhaps you have some story you’d like me to tell. Or perhaps you’d like me to quit wasting your time in which case I can direct you to more interesting blogs. Offer up some suggestions so I don’t lose all of you before I make it back to NYC and start having a life again.

By the way…it’s only 14 more days till I leave for greener pastures. Or least dirty sidewalks.

Only 1 more day till I leave for Portland, Maine and all things lesbian.

5 thoughts on “A Day In The Life…

  1. Tom May 2, 2007 / 04:52

    You know I read you every day! Just because I don’t comment doesn’t mean I don’t visit…

    Like I don’t bore you all with the events of my wild weekend?

    Keep it up MD… we like knowing we are not the only ones with a simple take on things…

    Love ya!

  2. kellystern May 2, 2007 / 05:52

    Sooo… since you had such a good day yesterday… what would actually be the ideal day? what would you do and where?

  3. DWQ Online May 2, 2007 / 06:40

    I figured you had a perfect day cause you got to talk to me in e-mail sevearl times; who knew it had something to do with something other than me. LOL

    Hope today is just as grand (minus the two sucky hours of lighting work).

  4. urspo May 2, 2007 / 08:47

    I think that if you post the bad days you should post the good days; it makes the Universe stay in balance.

  5. Donnie May 5, 2007 / 18:46

    I love reading your blog, Maddog. My thoughts are, if I read the post you took the time and effort to post, then the least I can do is comment.

    I cannot wait til my semester ends next Wednesday!

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