That’s the way we all became the Brady Bunch

It’s been a very bizarre day. I slept late this morning. I didn’t even begin to wake up until almost 12:30 which was fine with me. I’d known all week that Saturday was my day to sleep late. What was weird was that I got up checked my email (I had an email from my evil student Jack) checked my voice mail (my landlord wanted to show my house today) and then returned a couple of calls. My friend Todd called from San Diego and had left a message (the ringer was off on my phone) and my roommate Chuck had called last night but not left a message. I talked to both of them. Todd was just leaving a Walk-A-Thon in San Diego and Chuck was getting his hair cut. I talked to both of them for about 2 minutes. I was in bed during these conversations and when I finished the second call I hung up rolled over and went back to sleep.

brady_bunch_onstairs_s.jpgThis wouldn’t be so interesting except that I dreamed that I was redecorating the Brady House. The whole family was there and Mrs. Brady was unhappy with some of the construction and was being difficult. At which point, a designer friend of mine showed up to offer his help. Except he designs lights not houses so it wasn’t much good. Part of the construction was the installation of a huge pool and pool house and an enclosed glass patio on the back of the house. It felt like nothing was going right and the situation kept getting worse and worse. Finally I woke up and was exhausted. It was 4:30. Where had the day gone.

Tonight I went to see the dance show again. As a designer I don’t have to be in attendance after the show opens. In fact most often I’m off to my next project the day after opening. But I enjoy this show. It’s interesting and fun and moves me each time. It also help that the Snow White part of the show has a different ending each night that the audience votes on. Tonight was ending two. It’s my favorite. Of course the fact that I voted four times might have helped out the situation.

After the show the faculty choreographer and her husband and their friend from the music department went out for a beer. It was a little whole in the wall place filled with smoke and bright fluorescent lighting. It was nice doing something social. We mostly bitched about the school. The music guy was only hired on a two year basis and this is the end of his second year so he was very open in his opinion about the school. In fact, we live near each other and at the end of the evening we stood on the corner and talked for about 30 minutes. We both agreed the students at our school leave something to be desired. The students at state schools are more dedicated and talented even though they didn’t get 1600’s on their SAT’s. I wish I had met this guy 3 months ago. It would have been nice to have someone to hang out with.

Tomorrow it’s supposed to be 80 here. I think I’m going to set my alarm and get up early and go for a walk. The last performance of my show is at 8:00 and I think I’ll go by and see that and maybe end the day with a movie. I have a student directed show that I’m helping with on Monday so I need to do some prep work for that and then get ready for the week. Did I mention that I’m going to Maine next weekend. Yippeeeee. I can hardly wait.

Only 18 more days in the Land of Giants…


5 thoughts on “That’s the way we all became the Brady Bunch

  1. Condoblogger April 29, 2007 / 07:42

    Did Mike design the addition? He IS an architect you know.

    As for your new friend… you still have 18 days to get to know him better. šŸ™‚

  2. kellystern April 29, 2007 / 08:54

    Try as I may, I cannot seem to sleep past 8 am on any given day… well, unless I was up until 6am… but that is rare as I get old… happy sunday

  3. urspo April 29, 2007 / 14:26

    dreams of the brady bunch are a sure sign of improaching madness and you should get out of wherever you are as soon as possible.
    and drink some gin.

  4. Donnie April 29, 2007 / 17:50

    The only reason I can see of dreaming about The Brady Bunch is because Maureen McCormick is on VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club 5: Men vs. Women.

  5. Jason April 30, 2007 / 06:44

    Oh, I sure hope you did something about that aweful wood paneling in the Brady’s home.

    It’s never to late to make a friend šŸ™‚

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