The Doctor Is In…


I haven’t been feeling well lately.  Since last Wednesday or Thursday, I have been having really bad headaches, nausea, and just an overwhelming sense of exhaustion.  These symptoms seemed to be made worse by doing any physical activity.  Just walking from my classroom to my office causes my head to pound and tires me beyond belief.  A walk from school to home takes me about two hours to recuperate.  I have gone through a bottle and a half of Advil since last Thursday.  Over the weekend, the headaches became worse and began to scare me.  By yesterday I had convinced myself that my blood pressure was about a thousand over a hundred and that my head was going to explode.  My not feeling well was made worse by the fact that I don’t have health insurance and so a trip to the doctor, with tests, etc. could get very expensive.  I was so worried last night about the cost of going to the doctor and the reality of what could happen if I didn’t, that I couldn’t sleep at all.  I went to bed at midnight and at three a.m.  was still tossing and turning imagining the worst.

I was exhausted when my alarm finally went off this morning at 5:30.  I eventually pulled my butt out of bed at 6:45 completely wiped out.  I was so tired when I got to school that I couldn’t even organize my thoughts.  The lecture in my 8:00 class is one that I have given at least 30 or 40 times and should be able to do backwards.  I couldn’t even form a sentence.  I was all over the place.  I finally excused them at 9:30 unable to focus at all.  The first thing I did after class was to call and make an appointment to see a doctor this afternoon.

So I went to the doctor.  After a thorough exam and some discussion, we came to the conclusion that I was simply suffering from a mild bout of whatever’s been going around.  I had a low grade fever,  headache, nausea, general aches and pains.  The doctor did order general blood work to be done to  make sure it wasn’t anything serious, but seemed to think that if I just let it run its course I’d be fine.

I left the office feeling much better just from seeing the doctor.  Perhaps my head wasn’t going to explode after all.  And when it’s all said and done it’ll only have cost a couple of hundred dollars for the visit and the peace of mind.  What’s really interesting is that when I got back to school and discussed my visit with a couple of other teachers, seems they had been dealing with the same symptoms.  And to be perfectly honest I feel about 110% better than I did yesterday.

7 thoughts on “The Doctor Is In…

  1. Tom April 18, 2007 / 03:45

    Poor guy…. I’m gonna make you some chicken soup and send it off to you!!!

    I hope you feel better soon!

    Love ya

  2. Mikell April 18, 2007 / 05:12

    Sometimes just knowing that you aren’t going to die (today) is enough. Here’s my suggestion:

    If you meet Sorted, stay off the bus routes. He’ll surely toss you under one.

  3. urspo April 18, 2007 / 12:22

    it is nice to know that ‘going to the doctor’ in itself remains a therapeutic intervention for many people and ailments.
    I am glad to know not only you were comforted but somebody finds doctors comforting.

  4. Daniel April 18, 2007 / 15:10

    Just the fact of knowing that you’re not on your home turf makes feeling bad a little scary, ya know? I’m glad the doc was able to calm your nerves about it. Some docs are in such a hurry that you never get to talk to them at all.

  5. Donnie April 18, 2007 / 15:18

    I’m sorry to read that you’re under the weather, Maddog. I’m happy, however, that you went to the doctor to make sure it wasn’t anything serious. Make sure to rest and get lots of fluids.

    “I’m not a doctor, I just play one on TV”.

  6. condoblogger April 18, 2007 / 19:32

    Glad you are on the mend!!! Was the doc cute? Did you have to turn your head and cough?

  7. Pete April 18, 2007 / 22:23

    I’m glad to hear your going to be alright. I was worried when reading this.

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