Summer is here!

Last Monday night we were expecting six inches of snow in Iowa. Today the temperature reached the low 80’s. Where the fuck did spring go? It’s gone from winter to summer without even stopping to consider spring. That’s no fun. Where are the mild days and cold nights? Where are the tulips? And daffodils? Where are the spring rains. Nope, we’ve gotten none of that. Before you know it, I’ll have the air conditioning on because the temps are in the 100’s. Of course if I have to choose, I’ll take the 80 degree temps over the -20 temps we had back in January and February. So I guess as they say, beggars shouldn’t be choosy.

This is the bank that I passed on the way to school this afternoon.


These are the tulips that I pass on the way to school that have looked dead for the past several weeks. Today some of them, although damaged, looked like they might actually bloom.


Days till my freedom: 32


6 thoughts on “Summer is here!

  1. Condoblogger April 16, 2007 / 23:16

    I know this is so not the point of your post… but I LOVE the “name” of that bank’s ATM System. SHAZAM! Awesome.

  2. urspo April 16, 2007 / 23:32

    Midwest springs are like that; prolonged winter and then right into summer time.

  3. sortedlives April 17, 2007 / 03:22

    It was warmer where you are. It was in the low 70’s on Monday…and cool.

  4. kellystern April 17, 2007 / 05:20

    It is supposed to be 85 in Puerto Vallarta tomorrow…hmmm… wink…

  5. sassybear April 17, 2007 / 11:57

    It’s cold and raining here in NY, so shut up! LOL.

  6. Donnie April 17, 2007 / 20:18

    Yeah, we get that crazy weather down here on the NC coast……sunny and in the 80s one day, then thunderstorms and in the 50s-60s the next. I won’t worry until I see it raining frogs or blood. 😉

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