Saturday in Iowa

I’m having a much better day today. Woke up in a new frame of mind and actually had a good day. Whew. It was much needed. Sorry about the rant last night, but it was what I was feeling. What I find really interesting is that I must have scared some of you, because I didn’t get a single comment on last night’s tirade. If I did scare you, don’t take it personally. As I said, it was just what I was feeling and since there weren’t people to share it with on the phone you guys got the brunt of the lecture.

So today, I slept late. I actually woke up early, although I couldn’t tell you what time it was. I remember thinking it had to be too early to get out of bed, and it was VERY cold in my bedroom so I snuggled deeper into my bed, rolled over and went back to sleep. And then proceeded to have the weirdest set of dreams ever. In the first dream, I was hanging out with my father and my boyfriend Sam. (Just for the record my father’s been dead for 4 years, and I haven’t spoken to Sam since 2001.) We were all in some sort of apartment/hotel building looking for the apartment of Sam’s parents. We wandered all over, into the wrong rooms, into ballrooms and conference rooms before we finally found the right apartment. The apartment was in the strange configuration so you could hardly move in it, and had to squeeze down hallways, up a circular staircase and the bathroom was hidden behind the front door. It was about this time I found myself on a train headed out of New York City. I was looking for sex from some guy who kept eluding me. Eventually I had had enough, got off the train and headed back to the city. At this point I found myself drinking bourbon from a cup I found on the floor of the train with a very old man. I finally woke up at 1:30 feeling rested but strange from the dreams.

After making some coffee, I settled in to read the blogs I read daily. I’m finally caught up. I hate that it causes me stress to not be caught up. While reading on-line I was watching HGTV. My friend Todd sort of turned me on to the channel when I was last in San Diego. I have to admit that I love it. I love watching to see which house the couple will settle on, and how the designer can transform the couples kitchen in to a place of beauty. I also love the fact that there doesn’t seem to be a problem showing two men looking for a house, or redesigning their house, or looking to sell. They are definitely not homophobic. And all of the designers are cute, cute, cute, especially David Bromstad.


After TV I headed off to the movies. Today it was Firehouse Dog. Before you comment, it wasn’t that bad. It was definitely better than Premonition which I saw yesterday. The dog movie was cute and fun and had action sequences and a mystery. And everyone lived happily ever after. On Premonition the husband dies and we’re supposed to find comfort in the wife’s acceptance of that. I’ll take Firehouse Dog any day.

Then tonight was a Law & Order SVU marathon. I got the first season from Netflix and watched the first four episodes of the show tonight. It was fun being introduced to the characters for the first time and seeing where the show came from. And no matter what, Chris Meloni is hot. He’s been my boyfriend since my Oz watching days. So keep your hand off.


That’s it for today. Have a Happy Easter and eat some peeps for me.

Countdown to Maddog’s Birthday: 5 days.


5 thoughts on “Saturday in Iowa

  1. DWQ Online April 8, 2007 / 00:01

    Happy Easter buddy and glad you are doing better.

    Oh I love David Bromstad.

  2. kellystern April 8, 2007 / 08:05

    Happy Easter!! and we love Meloni tooooo

  3. Gavin April 8, 2007 / 08:34

    Chris Meloni would definitely be a tasty Easter treat!

  4. robert April 8, 2007 / 13:03

    happy to hear that you’re feeling better. Those HGTV shows are like a bad car accident–you don’t want to look, but you cannot help it. Being in the profession, I have a hard time watching home improvement shows.

  5. urspo April 8, 2007 / 19:33

    Peeps are not supposed to be ate, as they are inedible I believe. they are props rather?
    Happy Easter to you; it will warm up this week I am sure.

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