Matchmaker, Matchmaker!

The following is an exchange I had today with my cousin Vickie. I haven’t spoken with her in months and suddenly through my mom I found out that she needed to talk to me. I had no idea what it was about and planned to call her tonight, but she found me on-line today and this is what was said:

V: are you here
Maddog: No, I am here.
V: lol
V: now i have a question for you
M: I’m in NYC if that’s what you are asking.
V: no
V: i know where you are
M: I’ve been out the last two nights so haven’t been able to call, was going to call tonight.
M: what’s the question.
V: are you single
M: are you trying to fix me up with someone?
V: no kidding

V: yes
M: yes, why do you ask?
V: i want you to meet someone
M: who might that be?
V: his name is H.

M: where does he live?
V: now that could be a problem
M: I see.

V: new mexico
M: why do you want to fix us up?
M: how do you know him?
V: because he is a great person
V: i worked with him
M: what do we do about the fact that we live 2,000 miles away from each other.
V: i dont know about all that yet
V: but id you two agree
V: you can work that out
M: is this what the phone call was about?
V: yes
M: and I thought you wanted me to go to Vegas with you.
V: he is from texas
M: so can i work on this

This went on for about 3o minutes with her trying to fix me up with her friend. There are a number of reasons this is ridiculous. First I don’t know if I trust her taste. Her choice of husbands (yes, 3 in fact) have not been the best. Second, he lives on the other side of the country. It will make having a first date rather difficult. Third, it scares me she even thought of me. I’ve only ever had one conversation with her about being gay. It was 3 summers ago at a 4th of July family picnic. The entire conversation was about Kenny Chesney being gay and how I would like it if he was. That was it. Haven’s spoken with her about it again.

I do have to admit that I agreed to email him and just say hello. I figured what the hell. What could it hurt. I don’t expect it to go anywhere but if it’ll make her happy then what the hell. So I sent off a simple hello email today, said hello and left it at that. He emailed back and said hello. I’ll keep you posted on the eventual outcome.

You gotta love my family!

The American Family Association strikes again!!

I love getting emails from the AFA. The American Family Association. Today’s was especially funny. It even had a video attached to the email so that I could see the sick and despicable things that the homosexuals of America are doing. The body of the email was protesting a hate crimes bill that is being voted on in Congress. A bill that would protect these sick and evil people. Yuck. I have attached the video. In the words of Donald Wildmon founder and chairman “Warning! The video is highly offensive, but it is real footage from the actual parade.” Enjoy. I will warn you though the video does seem to have a preoccupation with twirling rifles…so it might not be safe for work.

Update: Seems YouTube pulled the first video, from my blog as well as the AFA’s website. Not to be outdone, they posted a different video this time from Chicago Pride. I’m sorry to say there’s no flag twirling in this video, but lot’s of cute, offensive boys.