Spring Awakening…

I slept wonderfully last night. I’d been looking forward to sleeping in my own bed for two months and it was everything I dreamed it would be. It was warm, and firm and it was a queen not a twin. It took all of my strength to get my ass out of bed this morning afternoon. I didn’t want to leave it. I wanted to cherish the moment. Hmmmmm…..

It was also nice just spending time in my apartment today. I hung out and did nothing for a long time, before I showered and headed downtown. The only thing on my agenda today was trying to get tickets for Spring Awakening for this week. I stopped by the box office fully expecting to be told that they were completely sold out. But what would you know. Not only did they have tickets but they were 10th row center. Exactly what I would have requested if I were give my preference. So I shelled out the 110 bucks and was on my way. I’ll add at this point that I hate that Broadway tickets have become so expensive. For that reason, I pick and choose carefully what I’m going to see because it costs so much. This show was completely worth it.

This is a little blurb about it. I’ll write more about the show later this week.

Spring Awakening