There’s No Place Like Home!

I arrived in New York City tonight around 11:00. I’ve never been so happy to be home. I was bouncing off the walls when I got here. I had driven almost 13 hours and was tired. But more importantly I was excited to be in my home with my stuff. My bed. My sofa. My pictures. My artwork. My dishes. My armoire. My stuff. My roommate just kept laughing at me because I was running around looking at things. It’s the longest I’ve ever been away from home before and it’s fucking great to be back.

Speaking of travelling home. Thanks for all the comments that everyone left after my last post. I was worried that I was sharing a little too much information, but it was what I was thinking and doing so I said what the hell and shared it with you. I wish it hadn’t taken me 15 hours to get home, but trust me when I say a couple of my stops were a LOT of fun. I did manage to drive to NYC today only stopping for bathroom breaks, gas and Diet Coke. I was so anxious to get here nothing was going to slow me down. I’ll keep you posted on if there’s any other fun I have while I’m on my trip. I figure I have to get it all out of the way since I’ll be back in Iowa soon for two very long months.

I was out and about last night in Lexington and heard this little exchange. I laughed my self silly when I heard it.

“I’m not a fucking cross-dresser. I’m a fucking transsexual!” It’s even funnier when it’s shouted in a southern accent to a kind of pretentious, full of himself queer. She wasn’t angry, she was just making her point. He apologized and then they went on with their conversation. Everyone around them was rolling on the floor.

That’s it for tonight. I hope everyone has a great week.