A Wednesday Check-up

I’ve been sitting here all morning trying to think of something witty to post about.  I’m coming up blank.   So I’ll just fill you in on what’s happening.

First, one of my favorite bloggers is in the hospital having tests run.  If you get the chance stop by his place and wish him well.  He’s a great guy and would love to have the company.

Speaking of Spider, I was worried about him yesterday so I emailed his friend Sorted to get the details of what was going on.  He emailed me back with his phone number and last night we chatted for almost an hour.   It’s the first time I have talked to a blogger either on the phone or in person.  I’ve crocheted a couple of scarves for some people, and emailed back and forth but I haven’t actually spoken to anyone.  It was quite nice.  We talked about our lives, our jobs, and a lot about how Spider is doing.  I hope this is the beginning of many conversations with Sorted.

Spring break starts tomorrow for me.  My classes finish up at 10:50 and I plan to be on the road driving east by 11:01.  I’ll of course have to stop for gigantic Diet Coke at Kum and Go before I hit the road.  It’s about a 10 hour drive to my mom’s house in Kentucky.   I’ll be on the road all day.  A couple of people have asked what kind of car I was renting for the trip.  It was just dropped off at my house.  It’s a blue Chevy Impala.  It was very nice of Enterprise to bring it to my house don’t you think.  It’s their way of apologizing for not having the car yesterday like they were supposed to.  I spent all night worrying that I wouldn’t have a car to use tomorrow.

I’ll finish by giving a shout out to my friend Todd.  He’s had a rough couple of days.  Without going into the details, I’ll just leave it at…it’s boy trouble.  I’m sure it’ll work out, one way or the other, he’s just having to deal with the crap of it right now.  If you want, Todd, I can go to his house and slash his tires, if that’ll make you feel better.  Just let me know.

That’s it for today.  I’ll try and post pictures of my trip and keep everyone informed of where I am and how my vacation is going.