Hindsight is 20/20

snellehart.gif I woke up in a panic today.

I was told the last time I rented a car that my license expired next month. I made a mental note of it and thought no more about it. What I realized this morning is that I need to get a new New York state driver’s license while I am home for spring break. This isn’t a really big issue except for one thing. I can’t pass the eye exam.

I’ve been wearing glasses since right after college. My eyes aren’t that bad. The vision in my left eye is perfect, but I have an astigmatism in my right eye that seems to have gotten worse as I’ve gotten older. The problem is that I lost my glasses almost two years ago and I’ve never replaced them. Although I should wear them all the time, I can get by without them. What I can’t do is past the vision exam without them. Which presents a problem.

So in the next two weeks I need to schedule an eye exam, shop for and buy new glasses, get them, and then go in and get a new driver’s license. I’m not sure that I can do this. I don’t think there’s enough time especially for the shopping and buying part. It took me a week last time I got glasses to find some that I liked. Of course, knowing that I don’t have that kind of time might change things.

And I have to do all of this on two dollars. I don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on new glasses, so I’m going to have to go the cheap route. I may actually go tomorrow and try to get the eye exam here in Iowa. It would be my guess that the exam would be cheaper here and the prescription would be good anywhere. That would then give me a week to find new glasses when I get to NYC and then a couple of more days to actually get my license.

What I’m really not liking is the stress. I don’t want to have to worry about all this on my break. I want to be able to go to NYC and have fun and not have stress about all the crap I need to do. But alas that is not to be….ugh!!!


6 thoughts on “Hindsight is 20/20

  1. Ur-spo March 12, 2007 / 21:27

    the 20/20 line is DEFODPCT
    memorize it and you won’t need glasses.

  2. eric March 13, 2007 / 06:13

    If you just have to have it, find one of those el cheapo eye places (like Cohen’s here in the city). Eye Masters or whatever. For like $75-90, you can get the exam and a pair of glasses.

  3. Donnie March 13, 2007 / 08:19

    I feel your pain, maddog. I went back into glasses last Spring after many, many years out of them. Last summer when I renewed my DL, I had to wear them for the eye test. Now I have to wear my glasses pretty much all the time. đŸ˜¦

  4. Mike March 13, 2007 / 08:27

    The expensive part of glasses is always the frames for me. Champagne taste and a beer budget here.

  5. Condoblogger March 13, 2007 / 11:19

    Still avoiding the optomitrist here… but I still have a few years till I need to worry about the eye test.

    Why do you have to have an NY Licence? It might be kind of fun to have an Iowa one in your collection. A keepsake!

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