Is It Spring Yet?

I’m tired of waiting. Can’t it just be April? With 65 degree days with mid 40’s at night. Can’t the snow melt and ground stop being soggy? Can’t the tree limbs that fell during the ice storm, be chopped into mulch and gotten rid of? Can’t the spring flowers begin to bloom, brightening all our days? Is this really too much to ask for?

I’m ready for the cold weather to move north and leave us the f*ck alone. The low tonight will be 11 degrees. The high tomorrow will be the mid 20’s. It’s March for pete’s sake. It’s time for warm weather.

Speaking of spring. I’ve been working on the spring play at the local high school. I volunteered for this duty because I was bored and not doing anything else. It’s amazing how bad theatre can really be. It’s also amazing to see how hard these kids work at being bad. What I really want to say to them, is that it’s not really their fault. If they had a director that knew what she were doing, then the show might be okay. But Ms. X goes for the easy laugh and let’s the kids run the show. I sat in the house tonight, making changes to the lights wondering whether I should mind. Should I want the show to be good? Or is it more about the kids having a good time? Should I mind the scene with actors outside the bay window that the students suggested as being funny that just makes the show worse than it is? Should I mind that a minor character created so much stage business tonight in an effort to be funny that I stopped actually watching what the main characters were doing. I might add here that he wasn’t funny, just annoying.

I’m mixed on this situation. Part of me just likes knowing that they are having fun. But part of me wants them to realize that it’s a serious art that should be taken a little more seriously than they are taking it.

Since it’s not my show I can’t do anything about it anyway. I sit there, take notes about my design and try to ignore the rest of it. What do you guys think.


7 thoughts on “Is It Spring Yet?

  1. Jason March 7, 2007 / 21:56

    Well first, here in Phoenix it’s been in the mid to upper 80’s already! Not rubbin it in, much 🙂
    I just think Phoenix proves the notion of global warming. It gets warmer here earlier every year. This weather shouldn’t be happening until late April/early May.

    The play- what title are they performing? Since you’re coming into someone elses production, all you can do is your best really. I would try to help out any “potentials” any way you can, they may surprise you and themselves. What a gift that could be 😉

  2. urspo March 7, 2007 / 23:03

    patience grasshopper! spring is oh so near.

  3. sortedlives March 8, 2007 / 04:59

    That is why I cannot live up north anymore. But, by August, I am over the humidity and blazing temps. so it’s a trade-off.

    It’s wonderful you are offering your services to this high school. I’m sure with your help the play will be a smash!

  4. Donnie March 8, 2007 / 09:13

    I agree with you maddog! I cannot wait until Spring arrives and sticks around. The only drawback to Spring is that I’ll have to begin taking my Claritin to ward off seasonal allergies.

  5. kellystern March 8, 2007 / 11:20

    Ready for spring here too… and as far as the play goes… it may be tough, but suck it up and do what you are there to do… if anything, the audience will come away saying how well the set looked, even though it was full of silly kids…

  6. Pete March 8, 2007 / 21:47

    I’m with you on spring getting here soon. As for the play you got it right it’s up to the director to direct. Let her go down with the ship.

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