A Sleepy Sunday…

It’s Sunday. It took me almost two hours to get out of bed today. I didn’t get to bed until late last night and set the alarm because I had to be up and at the high school by 1 p.m. Not early by any measure. The alarm went off at 11:00 and then again every nine minutes until about 1:15. I only got up then because the phone was ringing and I wanted to see who it was. When I realized it wasn’t anyone I had to talk to, I went back to bed and stayed there until about 2:30. I finally got up, showered and then headed off to work at the high school. I managed to get a lot done there. Not quite finished, but definitely making progress.

I got home around 7:00 tonight and ordered dinner from the local pizza place. I got lasagna and salad. I was in no mood to trek to the grocery store in the snow and ice. Once dinner was here, I settled in front of the TV and put in a movie from Netflix. It was The Black Dahlia. It was boring from the minute it started. I kept hoping it would get better but it didn’t. I ended up napping for the two hours it was on wishing it would hurry up and go off. It finally ended and I’ve already ranked it on Netflix as sucking.

That’s it from my neck of the woods today. I am at the high school again tomorrow, because my portfolio review portion of my interview has been rescheduled yet once again for Wednesday. I’m beginning to think it’s not going to happen.

Have a great week everyone.


11 thoughts on “A Sleepy Sunday…

  1. Cincy Diva March 5, 2007 / 03:08

    Thanks for the heads up on The Black Dahlia! I almost pay-per-viewed it last night. Instead I watched The Prairie Home Companion. It was cute. Have a Great Week!

  2. kellystern March 5, 2007 / 06:29

    Was not a fan of the movie either… have a good week..

  3. Condoblogger March 5, 2007 / 13:39

    Dude… that movie was HARD to watch… if it hadn’t been for the occasional shirtless Josh Hartnett that I never would have made it to the crazy lady at the end. I STILL have no idea what it was about.

  4. sortedlives March 5, 2007 / 16:24

    I agree with Condo– too hard a movie to comprehend. I hope you are well. Been thinking about you in Iowa.. Drop me a line sometime!

  5. Spider March 5, 2007 / 19:43

    Sounds like a perfect Sunday… and I guess I am in the minority – I enjoyed the movie… OH WELL – WTF do I know!

  6. urspo March 5, 2007 / 21:26

    any signs of spring yet?

  7. Donnie March 6, 2007 / 08:10

    I liked The Black Dahlia. I saw it in the theater and it was quite reminiscent of the “film noir” movies post WWII.

    You’re a braver man than I to be stuck “in the bleak midwinter”. Have a great week, maddog.

  8. Pete March 6, 2007 / 20:49

    Thanks for the review. Can you get a decent pizza out there?

  9. Pete March 6, 2007 / 20:50

    I mean lazagna?

  10. Daniel March 7, 2007 / 16:30

    I never saw Black Dahlia… But I love pace of your Sunday.

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