I’m still a sick Maddog. I’ve come to the realiza…

I’m still a sick Maddog. I’ve come to the realization that breathing is highly over rated. Especially through the nose. If God had meant for us to breath through our nose he wouldn’t have given us other options. Right? I’m going to try and get to bed early tonight hoping some good rest will hit the spot.

In other news, I’m travelling to San Diego tomorrow. I’ll be there until Monday. You have no idea how much I’m looking forward to being around other people. I haven’t had a non-school related conversation with someone face-to-face in almost six weeks. It’ll be great to talk about politics, and movies, and drink beer with people that I know. If I weren’t sick I’d be jumping up and down with joy right now.

In Iowa news. I had another mediocre meal tonight. I’m now o for 10 in the food world. Ten meals out of ten mediocre meals. Tonight the chair of the department treated all of us out for dinner to welcome me to the department and to treat the woman who is here designing scenery for the spring show. My big question is: How is the meat tough? By my best guess, it was alive on a pig farm down the street two minutes ago. It was probably eating breakfast this morning without a care in the world and now it’s sitting on my plate covered in yucky barbecue sauce and so tough it would take 3 days to chew through it. And to make matters worse the portions are huge. I wouldn’t mind so much, if the food was good. But why make a situation worse by giving me more bad food than I would ever want. I’ve decided to give up eating out in Iowa. Maybe I’ll treat myself to Hardee’s, McDonald’s, or Dairy Queen. At least then I know what the food will taste like and I won’t be expecting more than I get.

On a better note the temperature has been in the 50’s for the past few days. Which is good and bad. Good because I was just about done with the extremely cold weather. Bad for two reasons. The first: The warm weather melts the snow during the day. At night the temperature drops back down below freezing and for the past three days I’ve ice skated home. And if any of you know me, you’d know how non-athletic I am. I’ve almost hit the ground at least a dozen times. This leads to me bad reason number two. There are no street lights to light my way from school to home. I walk home blindly lit by the passing cars or what little light spills from the living rooms of the houses I pass. Therefore, it’s impossible to see the ice on the side walk until you are already skating across it. Or even better, you can’t see the puddle in the middle of the walk until you are ankle deep in ice cold water. Both feet were soaked tonight before I got home.

Did I mention that I was going to San Diego where it’s always warm and never rains. Somebody slap me the next time I say I miss winter.


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