I can’t breathe. I haven’t been able to breathe a…

I can’t breathe. I haven’t been able to breathe all day. And to make matters worse, my nose is running. I finally had to excuse myself today in class to go get tissue because I could no longer hide the fact that my nose was running.

I don’t think I mentioned it but I had a job interview on Friday. I had the first interview to be hired for the full time tenure track position in Iowa. The interview went amazingly well. I don’t think I could have been more on if I had wanted to. I had all the right answers and was able to answer all the questions honestly, with the answers I think they are looking for. Of course now it’s just wait and see. I feel like the interview went well because I’m not 100% sure that I want the job. I just don’t know if living in small town America is for me. But who knows we’ll have to wait and see. But I do think that interviews for jobs you don’t want always go better because there’s no pressure. If it works out great. If it doesn’t great.

I also know that someone from my small town is reading my blog. The hit shows up every couple of days on my site counter. I continue to hope that it’s the guy that I met on line who told me he had found my blog. I would hate to think that some student of mine has found me and reading my deep dark secrets. Actually, I haven’t told any truly deep dark secrets in a while. The more I get to know all of you the more I edit myself. I don’t want you to find out what I am really like because then you won’t like me. At least that’s my perception.


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