It’s been a great day. I actually saw another gay…

It’s been a great day. I actually saw another gay man in town tonight. Before you get excited it’s not like we had sex or anything. In fact we didn’t even speak. We just kind of glanced at each other across the coffee shop secretly knowing the truth.

I discovered that one of the coffee shops in town also functions as a bar. So on Monday and then again today, I went there to prep for my classes and to have a beer. It’s been kind of nice being out where other people are and since I don’t/can’t drink coffee after lunch or it keeps me up all night, beer is the perfect alternative. So today I got to the coffee shop around 4:00 and ordered my beer and a bowl of tomato soup and got to work. It took about an hour an half to get my notes together for tomorrow. I then ordered another beer, and scanned my notes. While I had been there the place had kind of cleared out and since I knew talking on my cell phone wouldn’t bother anyone I decided to catch up on some calls. While I was on the phone… in walked Mr. Gay Man. As he walked in and to the back of the shop, he glanced at me three or four times. He settled in and I continued my phone call, but every once in a while I noticed him watching me. Unfortunately, he was with a number of other people and so there wasn’t a time for us to talk. It was nice though at least seeing someone else gay. And he was kind of cute. He was probably in his late 40’s with just a touch of grey at the temples. And he was short, and you know how I like my short boys. I may just have to go hang out there some more and see if he shows up. I’ll keep you posted.

Hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day.


10 thoughts on “It’s been a great day. I actually saw another gay…

  1. Sorted February 15, 2007 / 05:00

    I hope he visits frequently! I am sure it is very hard meeting gay guys in such a small community. Good luck!

  2. Eric February 15, 2007 / 06:46

    You’re not the only gay in the village! That’s good. šŸ™‚

  3. Kelly February 15, 2007 / 06:47

    I have a feeling there will be many visits to this coffee/beer shop… Do you have a laptop and is it a wireless hot spot??/ hehehe

  4. DWQ Online February 15, 2007 / 07:28

    Yeah another gay. That is so freaking awesome. I’m so happy for you. It’s going to end up being a Valentine Love Story.

  5. Donnie February 15, 2007 / 08:06

    Sounds like a cool little coffee house/bar. It would be the coolest if they had free wireless internet there. Then you could practically live there, waiting for Mr. Shorty Gay to return.

    Good luck, maddog! šŸ˜€

  6. Spider February 15, 2007 / 14:56

    Maddog – eat ALL THREE MEALS there – Mr. Short Gay Stud sounds like a good reason to go there! Go get ’em TIGER!

  7. Ur-spo February 15, 2007 / 16:43

    i missed reading/checking in on you.
    I am glad you haven’t frozen over or bored to tears.
    Hang in there; the spring is coming and the delirium it brings is amazing. almost makes Feb bearable.

  8. Jimmi February 15, 2007 / 18:19

    Beer in a coffee shop or should I say Beverage Shoppe? Only in the Midwest! Say high to Dan Connor! LOL

  9. Pete February 15, 2007 / 19:36

    Nice to see you have some company in the small town. I hope your next reporting you have talked to the man.

  10. Daniel, the Guy in the Desert February 15, 2007 / 23:35

    Things are perking up out there in the hinterlands. Action just follows you where ever you go.

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