I was called into the department chairs office yes…

I was called into the department chairs office yesterday after class. In fact, she interrupted my class to let me know that she wanted to see me. My first thought was, OH NO! I’ve done something wrong. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out what it was and then I realized what she wanted. She wanted to talk to me about why I hadn’t applied for the tenure track position that they are hiring for.

As soon as class was over I stopped by her office, and I was right. That’s what she wanted to talk to me about. I tried to explain my reasoning to her but she was having no part of it. She specifically asked me to get my application materials to her by the end of the week. I didn’t know what to say, so I agreed.

I spent most of yesterday pretending that everything was ready to go, knowing of course that it wasn’t the case. So what did that mean. All day to day I have been working on Teaching Philosophy’s, Letters of Application and updating my resume/CV. It has NOT been a lot of fun. I hate doing this stuff. Why can’t I just go in, fill out an application and get the job. That’s the way it should be done.

Long story short, the first drafts of all of these items are finished. I emailed them off about 30 minutes ago to my friends who are smarter than me, to correct. I am hoping my friend T.M. can add the magic touch since he’s some big shot S.V.P. of marketing. He actually just got promoted to big chief in charge last Friday. He’ll be reading this post, so everyone say hi. Anyway, I should get every one’s responses back tomorrow. I’ll print out everything and turn it in on Friday. It’ll include everything but my letters of recommendation which are being written as we speak and will be sent separately.

Who knows if I’ll get the job? I spoke to friend of mine today about it and we both agreed that teaching in Iowa is better than temping in NYC. So a job here would be better than some of the alternatives. The nice thing about getting these documents finished is it prepares me to send out applications to other schools. There are job 0openings in schools in Massachusetts, Oklahoma, and about three in California. Who knows if these are better positions. I do know they at least wouldn’t be so isolating.

Wish me luck.


9 thoughts on “I was called into the department chairs office yes…

  1. Tom February 7, 2007 / 23:56

    Good luck to you Maddog… and HEY T.M…


  2. Tom February 8, 2007 / 05:09

    A question MD…

    I am trying to add blogroll to my blog.

    I can’t seem to get it to look like your’s and I am getting frustrated….

    I want no box, just a transperant background… Suggestions?


  3. Eric February 8, 2007 / 06:37

    Wishing you tons of LUCK. I wish I had the nerve to get my CV in order (I barely taught/assisted in grad school but I DO have the MFA and would like to teach) but I guess fear of having to end up somewhere I don’t – IF they’d hire me! – is keeping me rooted in place.

  4. DWQ Onlinehttp://www.davidwquinn.com February 8, 2007 / 07:15

    Good luck to you. You got the job already if she asked for your stuff.

  5. Donnie February 8, 2007 / 07:58

    I’m sending you loads of good luck, maddog! đŸ™‚

    It’d good to keep everything polished and up to date. I should do the same. Hell, I also need to update my “digital portfolio”.

    I’ll have my fingers crossed!

  6. Daniel, the Guy in the Desert February 8, 2007 / 08:59

    I think I’m like you in that I think it’s somehow evil to try to condense my life to a few sheets of paper in order to sell myself for a job.
    Now if it ran to hundreds of pages, that would be fine.
    Hi, T.M. Take care of my friend.
    You can always fly in when you need big city excitement.
    In the mean time,enjoy the corn fed Iowa boys.

  7. Brian FInch February 8, 2007 / 10:02

    I hope you get the position you are wanting. Wouldn’t California be nice, at least warm!

  8. Spider February 8, 2007 / 11:34

    TONS of luck Maddog – I have things that shouldn’t even be crossed, crossed for you wishing you all the best… and HI T.M.! Nothing in Florida huh… RATS!

  9. BriteYellowGun February 8, 2007 / 17:54

    Life in Iowa will be a lot cheaper than most of the other alternatives. Calfornia, ee-gads, there’s a good reason people are leaving there.

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