1. Home theatre or movie theatre? – Movie theatre….

1. Home theatre or movie theatre? – Movie theatre. All movies are better in the theatre.
2. Hardwood or wall-to-wall? – hardwood. Always hardwood floors.
3. Pencil or ballpoint pen? – Neither. It’s a pen, but not a ball point.
4. Digital or analog? – If we’re talking time. Digital. And military. It’s 23:06 as I type this.
5. “Wet” or dry? Hmmm. Makes me think of my friend S.H. who used to joke about Spit and Ram. Never completely dry though. That’s painful.
6. Hardback or paperback? – I’d only read hardback if I could affortd them.
7. Gasoline or electric? – Gas until the perfect the whole electric car thing.
8. Photograph or painting? – I like both, but in my house they are all paintings…all painted by friends of mine.
9. Mountains or shore? – I prefer the mountains although I’d never say no to going to the beach.
10. Curtains or blinds? Blinds most of the time…but I am gay so a good window treatment will also work.
11. Shower or spa tub? – Shower, although I once lived in an apartment that had a claw foot tub that was 7 feet long. I took more baths in that year than ever in my life.
12. Blu-ray or HD DVD? – Huh? TV is TV. I’m not sold on the High Definition thing. I don’t watch it enough to care if the picture looks perfect.
13. Paint or wallpaper? – Paint. Unless you’re a grandmother. And it’s 1962.
14. Thoroughly cleaned and prepped or go with the moment? I’ve always gone with the moment.
15 “Ties” or “loafers” (slip-ons)? – Ties mostly
16. Stick shift or automatic? I’ve had both, but prefer a stick. It’s more fun to drive. Unless you are stuck in California traffic going 4 miles an hour.
17. Saturday or Sunday? Saturday. Sunday’s just a reminder that school/work starts again tomorrow.
18. 15% or 18%? Almost always 20%. If the check is less than 20 bucks sometimes even more. I was a waiter tooooo many years not to tip well.
19. Football or soccer? – Absolutely football. I’ve always liked standing up and stretching during the 7th inning stretch. It’s also a good time to go get a beer.
20. Lands End or L. L. Bean? – They’re both great. But since my best friend M.M. moved to Maine I’ve shopped at L.L. Bean more.

I got this from Spider and since I’m at a loss for words tonight. This is what you get.


4 thoughts on “1. Home theatre or movie theatre? – Movie theatre….

  1. KipEsquirehttp://www.kipesquire.com February 3, 2007 / 07:53

    I’d say we’re compatible on about 16 of the 20. (Can I substitute “Eddie Bauer” for “L.L. Bean” on #20?)

  2. sortedliveshttp://sortedlives.wordpress.com February 3, 2007 / 08:05

    Thanks for sharing. I love reading these, you always learn something new.

    Glad you had a great Friday. Mine was pretty great too! Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Donnie February 3, 2007 / 11:49

    LOL! I loved your answer to #19! Nothing like mixing football with baseball… 😛

  4. Spider February 3, 2007 / 22:58

    I am with Donnie – #19 broke me up!

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